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Ukraine contact number : +380937116735, +380995261243

India contact number : +91-9451880415, +91-9625284132

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Best medical university to study

medicine In Ukraine

The teachers and professors are well qualified and of international

level,they help a lot all the foreign students.If we compare universities or

colleges in US, CANADA,UK, Europe, even India and Africa

The Cheapest Best Cost

Study MBBS in Ukrainian universities is the cheapest,

best cost effective then the other countries like china,

Russia or Bulgaria.

Make bright future through top

universities of Europe

We invite prosperous students from all parts of the world to come to study

in Ukrainian universities and build their career and life beyond the limits.

Your bright future is in your hands.

MBBS In Ukraine|Top Medical Universities In Ukraine

MBBS In Ukraine: Real advantages of being a MBBS student in ukraine:

MBBS In Ukraine-NO English test required, 100% Admission,invitation and entry visa for Indian and African,foreign applicants,only good knowledge of English is needed. 

Student Invitation Letter to Study Medicine in Ukraine in 1 day.

Assured study Visa for all our Medical students,They must have 50%in physics,chemistry and biology.

Top cheapest universities In Ukraine for all Indian and African students, medicine- 3000$ lowest and management-2000$ lowest per year.

To Lowest Fees MBBS in Ukraine via UMEC is the cheapest Medical Universities in the world and Degree is recognized by WHO and MCI,FAIMER,Practical knowledge is more then theoretical.

Through us we assure you best services starting from invitation, best universities in the Kiev capital city and cheapest hostel accommodation!

What is the benefit of MBBS

in Ukraine universities

What is the benefit of MBBS in Ukraine universities:

As a medical student or as a aspirant who dream to Medical study in Ukraine search a lot on the google or ask their friends or relatives before coming to Ukraine.Since this is a new country and a new destination for many of the applicants who have heard only of USA,UK,AUSTRALIA ,CHINA ,PHILIPPINES,RUSSIA,KYRGYZSTAN,KAZAKHSTAN OR BELORUSSIAN as a destination to Study In Ukraine.

For MBBS applicants who want to study MBBS In Abroad or in any nearby country my suggestion is Ukraine is best for the medical studies, as I have been to Russia, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,china,Philippine and all other European countries.The reason is simple : education is best and low cost,country is good, people are friendly,climate is good, Asian/Indian food is available,teachers are friendly to the students, hospitals are at par with USA OR UK.The level of English is better then any past soviet country including Russia,Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan or Belorussian. All the Medical Universities are recognized all over the world ,by WHO and universities are under bologna agreement of European credit transfer.


Study in Ukraine- The Benefits of studying in ukraine universities: NO IELTS / TOEFL required 100% Admission

and invitaion Assurance for indian and african,foreign students

Thus,In 2005, Ukrainian universities joined the Bologna process at the Conference of European Ministers in Bergen. This resolution directed at strengthening relations between European universities. This resolution included such steps as mutual acknowledgement of diplomas and exchange of students, teachers and scientists among the European universities.

 MBBS in Ukraine degree from Ukraine is approved by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA),MCI,MCC,ECFMG,and all International Organizations.While studying in Ukraine students take practical training in Poland,Germany and Spain during the summer vacations also they give 2 important exam which is conducted by direct from ministry of health and science called krok test.1stkroc test is in the 3rd year and 2nd krok test is in the 6th year, these test prepares students for European standards and they become ready for the European countries.

University tuition fees can be paid yearly basis or can also be paid semester wise. Usually students come with the cash and pay tuition fees direct to university on arrival in Ukraine.It is true that fees for medical and other students are 70% lower then USA,UK and AUSTRALIA that’s why many students from USA,UK and nearby European countries prefer to study in Ukraine.

Medical degree in USA cost around USD 160,000-200,000, While a student can do MBBS degree from Ukrainian medical university is the cheapest in the world and in English, for 6 years,for only USD 20,000 – 30,000.Living expenses are even cheaper then in India.

Living here is a joy and a wonderful experience of lifetime.It has European life standard still everyday expenses is half the price of any nearby eu countries .Ukrainian medical and engineering universities emphasize on Practical phase in Teaching, leads to better job prospects in Europe, India, America or any third world country.Ukrainian climate is wonderful round around the year, you will not feel sick here and surrounding nature is beautiful which leads to peace of mind during Study Medicine in Ukraine .

The teachers and professors are well qualified and of international level,they help a lot all the foreign students.If we compare universities or colleges in US, CANADA,UK, Europe, even India and Africa, it is so easy to get admission in the top rank Ukrainian universities or best medical university to study medicine In Ukraine.

Students here enjoy Best and cheapest Transportation in Europe by travelling through fast trains, luxurious buses, trams, underground metro, trolly bus.Students enjoy international exposure during studying in Ukrainian medical and engineering universities. When you study in Ukrainian universities, you are likely to find yourself meeting students from all over the world.

Every medical university has more then 10 to 20 government hospitals for practical training and internships. All the Ukrainian hospitals have the most advanced European-standard medical instruments and also lots of patient beds Most of the medical universities send their students in other European countries to get training during summers.The first and 2nd year students visit hospitals in Germany and Spain for their future training.

Advantages of studying in Ukrainian universities

Students take advantage of Visiting Professors from rebound foreign universities of USA ,CANADA ,UK,AUSTRALIA,POLAND,GERMANY,SWEDEN etc.International Students,who are studying in different Ukrainian universities can visit other European cities in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc.

While studying in Ukrainian universities students can take benefit of Bilateral Student Exchange Program with different foreign Universities in Germany , Sweden , Finland , Check Republic , Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, finland etc.International Students can enjoy part time jobs during studies in Ukrainian university and three Months' Summer Jobs during vacation in countries i.e. U.K. ,USA, SWEDEN,FINLAND and other E.U. countries.

Foreign students have good chances of getting job in Europe,USA,CANADA and option of Permanent Residence & Settlement in other European countries, USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA after completion of their degree in Ukraine in English study in Ukrainian universities.

Live in a cool and peaceful country

Ukraine is a cool and peaceful European country with social harmony and good security for foreigners feel like home here , people are very friendly and they respect foreigners. Here international students enjoy high level of social security and European life standard, the Ukrainian government takes a tough stance on crime and law and order. The Ukrainian university officials also takes special care to provide international students with a safe study and living environment on campus.Study MBBS in Ukrainian universities is the cheapest, best,cost effective then the other countries like china,Russia or Bulgaria.

Last but least we welcome students to make their bright future through top universities of Europe.We invite prosperous students from all parts of the world to come to study in Ukrainian universities and build their career and life beyond the limits. Your bright future is in your hands.Ukrainian Medical Education Center is inviting all foreign students from different parts of the world to fulfill their dream education here.We are here to help you at every step of your student life to study in Ukraine universities

For further assistance,Contact us at: or call us at: 003809 37116735, 003809 37287267

We have the LOWEST TUITION FEES GUARANTEED- MBBS IN UKRAINE: Total tuition fees package-only 7.9 LACS (less then 2500$per year) ,MANAGEMENT and ENGINEERING COURSES IN ENGLISH-STARTS 2000$ PER YEAR.We give them best university in the capital city kiev.



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