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We have excellent hostel facilities for boys and girls.We have different hostels for indian students where they can cook indian food themselves or can eat in indian mess.We have seperate rooms and blocks for african and nigerian students where they can cook their national food.A renovated room in the Hostel ranges is from 600$ to 1200$ per year depending on the facilities for study in ukraine students.The best hostel with all the facilities like washing machine/freeze/oven/television/wi-fi/cleaning of room/inbuilt shower and many more facities cost around 100$ per month.Other rooms with basic facilities and wi-fi cost around 50$-60$ per month.Students can buy their food in the superstores located on the first floor of the hostel or from nearby super markets and can cook themselves in the kichen located in their block.Gas and electricity bills are included in the chages of the hostel.

All the rooms in university hostel are fully furnished and vary in size  and facilities. Dormitory rooms at university hostel can accommodate 2 or 3 students in a room. every room in the university dormatory is equipped with bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, table, chair, heating system for winter, and suitable lighting for both study and enjoyment. Students inside the hostel can play and enjoy and take relaxation in the students common room . Once a stduent arrives in the university hostel,we accomodate him/her according to their needs and requirement  and budget.Students can check the rooms and can select the room according to the facilities and their requirement. International student Office of the university provides a guaranteed hostel accommodation for all international students who get admission confirmation from the university.

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