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Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University - medical school in Ivano-Frankivsk

The total number of students - about 5,000 people

51 Department

Level of accreditation 4

Qualification level – Junior Specialist, Specialist, Master


The total number of faculty members - 750 . Of these 290 candidates, 85 professors and doctors.

Ivano - Frankivsk National Medical University was founded in October 6, 1945 . By the time the institute , there were 395 students and 47 teachers , of which there were only a few doctors and candidates of sciences, operated 14 theoretical and 2 clinical departments . In 10 years the university has 12 professors, doctors, and the number of students exceeded 1,000 people. In 1962, with the renaming of the city was renamed as Institute of  Ivano - Frankivsk State Medical Institute . Since 1992 - Medical Academy . In November 27, 2008 - National University .

Started from 1945 , here were trained more than 16,000 doctors, 5,000 of them work in the Ivano - Frankivsk region.


About University

There are 51 departments for learning students and improving the professional skills of doctors. Courses conducted 73 doctors and 231 candidates of sciences. Among university scientists there are 6 Academicians , 6 Honoured Scientist of Ukraine , 2 Honoured workers of higher education in Ukraine , two Laureates of State Prize of Ukraine .

University scientists involved in the development of the four academic state programs, of 56 character application works in international multicenter studies.

About 200 effective scientific developments , innovations and medical diagnostic technologies transferred to practical public health in recent years.

Received 14 positive solutions for inventions, 5 patents, including 4 patents of Ukraine and 1 Euro patent (for test system of bioindicators of radioactive contamination of the environment).

The university founded and operated regional centers : cardiac pacing , work-related diseases, antihypertensive and diabetic clubs.

Quality medical care to patients of the city and region is provided by 40 specialists of the University. About 40 % of operations performed in hospitals of the university staff .


In high school works successfully specialized scientific council D 20.601.01 in three specialties: cardiology, gastroenterology and dentistry. Only in 2010 defended 20 theses, including 3 doctorates . More than 70 people work on the PhD and 35 - the execution of doctoral theses , now in the planning stages 27 doctoral and master's theses.

University scientists are members , and scientific laboratoryes are bases of many national and international congresses and symposia.

University is the base of students national competition in anatomy.

There are computer training classes , Internet , which connected library , research and teaching departments of the university.

The University maintains the professional contacts with the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations , management Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, Lublin Medical Academy , universities in Germany, Austria, Poland, all the higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine .



Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

Pharmaceutical Faculty

Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Faculty for Foreign Citizens


International faculty

Training of foreign citizens in the Ivano -Frankivsk National Medical University held since 1992. By the time at the University studied immigrants from Russia , Romania , Pakistan, Cameroon. For ten years, the total number of foreign students each year do not exceed 20 person. Thanks to the efforts of the university since 2002 the number of foreign students progressively increased , and in 2010/2011 academic year, the Faculty was trained 857 foreign nationals from 44 countries (Jordan , Bulgaria, Malaysia, Iraq, Syria , Palestine, Russia , Canada, Poland , Lebanon , Namibia, India, Egypt , Denmark , Iran , Yemen, Cameroon , Libya, Morocco , Nigeria, Sudan , USA, Tanzania , Turkey, Turkmenistan , Uganda , Australia, Algeria, Angola, Belarus , Brazil, Ghana , Guinea , Gabon , Grenada, Kenya, Congo , Latvia, Mauritius, and Germany).


Today, Ivano - Frankivsk State Medical University is among the six top medical schools of Ukraine , diplomas are recognized in Jordan , the Palestinian Authority and other countries in the Middle East. The next step - the recognition of the university in the Kingdom of Malaysia .


The preparatory department was opened in 2003 with a licensed capacity of receiving 300 people, where training is conducted in two departments: biomedical and engineering .


Foreign students in the Ivano -Frankivsk National Medical University study in three stages: pre-university training ( learning the language and basic sciences ) - undergraduate education on basic specialties ( general medicine, pediatrics , dentistry , pharmacy , nursing, dentistry orthopedic ) - post-graduate education (master's degree , clinical internship , graduate school ) .


The education process is going in English for foreign students since 2004.

An important element of the educational process is a cultural leisure. The Rector of the University created all conditions for sports (annual football championship ) and amateur performances.


We have modern classrooms and laboratories, a library, computer labs with Internet access , fitness and sports facilities, swimming pool , leisure center , recreation center in the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea coast . Foreign students are guaranteed all the rights and freedoms in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the Charter of the University.


The list of clinical bases of the University

Regional Hospital .

Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary.

Regional Children's Hospital.

Regional Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases.

Regional Perinatal Center.

Regional phthisiology Clinic.

Regional psychiatric clinic number 3.

Regional Venereal Diseases Dispensary.


City Psychiatric Hospital :

Urban Skin and Venereal Diseases.

Central City Hospital.

Children's City Hospital.

City clinical hospital № 1.

City clinical hospital № 2.

City clinical hospital № 3.


Faculty of Postgraduate Study

Faculty of Postgraduate Study was founded in 1992.

Faculty of Postgraduate Studies has 6 departments: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry , internal medicine and family medicine , surgery, pharmacy. Overall, post-graduate training of physicians conducted by 22 departments of medical, dental and pharmaceutical departments .


Basic department:

 anesthesiology and critical care , internal medicine number 3 with rates of occupational diseases , hospital surgery , hygiene and ecology with the course of protection of labor , endocrinology , infectious diseases with course of epidemiology, Addiction Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, course of otorhinolaryngology with course of head and neck, of Neurosurgery and  ophthalmology, Pathology , Radiology and radiation Medicine , social Medicine, health Organization and history of medicine , law and EMU , forensic medicine , medical law, traumatology and orthopedics, urology, phthisiology and topographic anatomy, dermatology and venereal diseases.


Primary postgraduate training in internship is going in the following areas : obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and intensive care, dermatology and venereology , general practice , family medicine , infectious disease, medicine of emergency conditions , neurology , orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology , ophthalmology, pathological anatomy, pathology , radiology, forensic examination, internal medicine , urology , pulmonology and phthisiology , surgery, pediatrics , dentistry , general pharmacy.


Training doctors and pharmacists at the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies conducted in the following areas : therapy , cardiology , gastroenterology , obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, dermatology and venereology , general practice , family medicine , infectious disease, medicine of emergency conditions , neurology , orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology , radiology , ultrasound diagnosis, organization and management of health , urology , pulmonology , endocrinology, phthisiology , surgery , pediatrics , dentistry , dental technology,  prosthetic dentistry , dental surgery , orthodontics , general pharmacy.


There is also the retraining of specialists in 14 specialties : " General practice , family medicine ," " Medical emergency conditions ", " Cardiology ", " Gastroenterology ", " Orthodontics ", " radiology ", " Ultrasound Diagnosis", " Organization and Management of Health "," Dermatology and Venereology "," Dental "," Preventive dentistry "," Prosthetic dentistry "," Pediatric Dentistry" "Surgery ".

Our  faculty have already given and increased a qualification for 24,632 people. Intership in our university have already finished 6393 interns, and our training courses have trained 18,239 professionals.

Faculty of postgraduate education offers to join the internship graduates who were educated in higher educational institutions and improve the skills of doctors.

The main purpose of the educational process is to encourage the pursuit of self-study , acquisition of professional knowledge , skills , ability to acquire new medical technologies to improve their own skills.


We also have Teaching and Practical Center with departments you can see below:

Phantom classes

Class of dental implants

Cabinet of functional diagnostics

Teaching and Practical Center of Health

Practice pharmacy laboratory number 4


University`s Laboratoryes:

Biochemical Ecology.

"Trace elements in medicine".

Electronical microscopy.

Enzyme-linked immunoassay.

Laboratory of prosthodontics.


We welcome you to study in Ivano -Frankivsk National Medical University.

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