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Kiev or Kyiv is the largest city of Ukraine. It is the capital of Ukraine. It is also one of the biggest cities in Europe. Thus, it has many administrative centers as well as cultural, economic, scientific and educational centers also. This city is surrounded with many scenic and heart-loving locations and also has the population of about 3 million people. This city is located on the shores of the Dnieper River.

Kiev has an important value among other European cities because it is the home to many scientific, cultural, educational and industrial centers of Europe and also Kiev is known to be as a home to many advance & high technology industries, higher educational institutions for various streams. KIEV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY,KIEV is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (accreditation certificate is РІ-IV №     114479 — 01.10.2010) and it has the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of improving educational work for IV level of accreditation (license is AВ №     552628 — 01.10.2010).

 Campuses and buildings

The University is state of the art, aesthetically pleasing, has 16 buildings as its assets, including 5 academic buildings, four dormitories, household enclosures, vivarium, hangars, as well as library, reading rooms, sports complex, dining room, cafe, health and sports camp. KIEV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY  trains specialists in six faculties and a preparatory department.

KMU trains specialists along the following education/qualification levels: Junior specialists, specialists, Masters for the following specialties:

General Medicine (6 years)


Pediatrics (6 years)


Stomatology (Dentistry) (5 years)


Pharmacy (5 years)


Medical Nursing (2 years)


Orthopedic Stomatology (2 years)


There are 2500 students studying at KMU, including 859 international students from 39 countries. There are General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy and Stomatological (Dentistry) faculties, the Preparatory Faculty for international students training, the Postgraduate Faculty and the preparatory training course department. A medical college, training bachelors and junior specialists, has been founded based on the KMU. 56 chairs, including 9 leading ones, function at the KMU Clinical and consulting work is carried out at 35 clinical chairs of the KMU, located at the best regional and city medical establishments of Kiev. The scientific potential of the KMU is represented by 82 Doctors of Medical Science, 316 Candidates of Science, 75 Professors, 174 assistant professors, 2 winners of the Ukrainian State Prize, 8Honoured Science and Technology workers of Ukraine, 6 Honoured Physicians of Ukraine.

Admissions Requirements

Students who seek admission in the first year medicine should have passed higher secondary school certificate or 12 years of education with passes in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English. If English is not the applicant's principal language, he or she must produce an official record of pass in the English language.

Acceptance of applications starts from 1st of April till end of November. All applications should be submitted with the certificate of education or its registered copy with indication of studied subjects and marks to the admission

The following necessary documents should be submitted before the admission:

1. Valid international passport

2. Application for entering the University

3. Personal particulars of the student entering the University

4. Original copy of certificate of secondary education with the list of having been studied disciplines, got marks and its

5. translation into Ukrainian language.

6. Medical certificate about absence of contraindications for study at the higher medical institution of Ukraine

7. Insurance policy of Ukraine insurance company for rendering first aid

8. Photos sized 4x6 cm (8 pieces)

 Receipt of payment for one year of study before the beginning of study at the University.


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