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PHD Program

PHD ProgramPhD programme is of a statutory duration of four years. It gives students personal research experience and the opportunity to produce an original scientific contribution of high academic quality which often ends up being published. Throughout their studies, these young researchers work in personalised conditions and have access to financial and material resources as well as documentation permitting them to immerse themselves in their work. After completing their course of study, our PhD holders go on to academic careers in the fields of higher education and research, or become experts working for international and non-governmental organisations, private sector entities, or national administrations.


PhD can be obtained in one of the following disciplinary specialisations:

• In Anthropology and Sociology of Development
• In International Law
• In Development Economics
• In International Economics
• In International History
• In International Relations/Political Science
• In medical field  and PHD in Physics

PhD candidates who wish to carry out bi-disciplinary research choose a main discipline (a major) and a second discipline (a minor).

Each year, a limited number of openings are available for candidates who have a career and cannot pursue their PhD studies full-time.


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