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Ukraine Study Visa Requirement

Ukraine study visa requirement : Study in Ukraine visa processUkraine Study Visa Requirement
  • International passport with a validity of minimum 1 YEAR
  • Age must be 17 years or more.
  • Basic knowledge of english,as you will be asked few questions in visa interview.
  •  Original Invitation letter from minsitry of educaion and science,ukraine.
  • Higher Secondary School certificate/diploma for bachelor degree.
  •  Bachelor Degree (For Master Level students).
  • Masters Degree (For PhD Level students).
  • Transcripts (For Masters and PhD students).
  • Birth Certificate and Medical Certificate,Aids(HIV) test.
  • Medical Certificate physical and mental fitness.
  • All certificates must be stampped from ministry of external affairs of your home country.
  • Bank statement of $3000 minimum.
  • Work experience or any diploma certificate if you have gaps between your study.
  • 8 Passport size Photos.
  • Filled ukraine study visa application form



With the following mentioned documents student who want to study in ukraine can go to the embassy or can send his/her representative to the embassy to take the visa interview date.


Once you you get a fix date for the ukraine study visa interview you must presend yourself in the embassy on that date.You must be well dressed and feel coonfident infront of consular,while talking with the consular you must have simple smile on your face,if you dont understand any question ask him to repeat it,if you dont know the answer tell him you dont know,let him ask another question.


Once you done with the interview,the consular will give you a visa slip with a date to receive ukraine study visa on it. Once you get visa slip you must deposit  embassy visa fees mentioned on the ukraine study visa sleep.


You also must buy travel insurance of atlleast 1 month duration before you get the ukraine study  visa.You can go yourself on the mentioned date to receive your ukraine student visa or can send your agent/representative to receive the visa.Visa can be delayed some time becuase of thedelay in visa confirmation from the concerned authorities.


The full process of ukraine study visa can take from 2 weeks to 1 month time depending on the rush for ukraine stduent visa inside the embassy.Sometimes due to huge ukraine student visa applications inside the embassy it takes some longer time,but once you finish with visa interview visa is almost sure.


For certain countries where ukraine embassy is not present visa interview is not necessary sometimes and student can send visa documents with their representative to receive ukraine stduent visa from the nearest ukraine embassy,provided all their above mentioned documents must be complete for ukraine study visa.

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