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India contact number : +91-9451880415, +91-9625284132

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Ukraine contact number : +380937116735, +380995261243

India contact number : +91-9451880415, +91-9625284132

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Study in Ukraine Through UMEC

Study in Ukraine Through Ukraine Medical Education Centre:

Study in Ukraine through UMEC – The Benefits


Admission and invitation within 3 working days

Visa support letter from ministry of science and health with invitation letter

Guaranteed Visa to our clients from India,Africa,Nigeria,Ghana and Namibia

Apply in Ukraine medical and engineering universities through us and we guarantee 100% success!

Study In Ukraine Other Benefits through UMEC:

UMEC is authorised by ministry of health and science of Ukraine,So we refer you best govt. universities Study in Ukraine.

UMEC gives you a vast option of courses and universities located in kharkov,Kiev,donetsk,Crimea,Odessa,lviv.

WE do one to one counselling of every student and reply email and phone calls the same day.

Through us,international student dont need to give any exams or any donation to get a seat in the best universities.

Students need only basic knowledge of English to study mbbs in English in Ukraine,no English test required.

All our students who come to study in Ukraine pay Tuition Fee/hostel fees on Arrival in Ukraine. We recommend you best cost effective universities for both medical and technical courses in Ukraine universities.

We give students best accommodation facilities in cheaper prices,like only 70$ per month newly renovated room.

We admit our students in only WHO/MCI approved universities of Ukraine.

We work with only those Ukraine universities where they teach medical in English,and technical courses like aerospace enngn. in English

We help students get part time job during their study and summer job in nearby countries while studying in Ukraine.

We interact students with their seniors and their professors/teachers before they go to classes in medical or engineering universities in Ukraine.

We give full time support throughout the year to all our students from the first day of their arrival in Ukraine

We support students during their exams and in practical training while studying medicine/mbbs in Ukraine in English.

All our students take benefit of our orientation program,they get knowledge of major transports in Ukraine,supermarkets,banks,parks,restaurant,and different parts of the city.

We organise Indian food in Indian mess for Indian students and African food for African students,students can cook food in the kitchen inside the university hostel in ukraine.

We help students during their exams and practical training.

We help our students participate in Seminars and Project Work in Poland,Germany,Denmark,uk,usa,Canada.Our students can get transfer in other European countries as Ukraine is a part of Bologna agreement.

We help students to do intern ship/training in other European countries/uk,usa/Canada.We help medical students in their final years to prepare for the screening test like MCI SCREENING,USMLE,PLAB,MCC and others.


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