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National University Of The Water Management And Natural Resources


City: Rovno

Established: 1915

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, external

Qualification: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Teaching staff: 719 teachers, among them 72 doctors of science, professors

360 candidates of science, professors

55 candidates of science, associate professors

45 candidates of science, senior teachers

In 1915 Kiev members of the Society on education distribution (group of professors of the Kiev polytechnical institute) created the Kiev agricultural hydrotechnical school. In 1930 on its base was founded the Kiev Engineering and Meliorative Institute (KEMI) with two faculties: engineering- meliorative and cultural-technical. In 1957 KEMI was renamed into the Kiev Institute of Engineers of a Water Management (KIEWM).

In 1959 the Institute was renamed into the Ukrainian Institute of Engineers of a Water Management (UIEWM). In 1998 on the basis of the Institute and Rovno Motor Transportation and Textile Technical Schools was created the Rovno State Technical University (RSTU). In May, 2004 the university was given the status of National University of a Water Management and Environmental Management (NUWMEM). Thus, 1915 consider as the beginning of basis of University. In 2015 the University will celebrate the ​​ 100 - years anniversary.

Today the National University of Water Management and Environmental Management is the only higher education institution in Ukraine (and the fourth in the CIS) which carries out training of specialists and carries out scientific researches for specific and necessary branch - water management, and also for other branches which activity is closely connected with use of water resources.

Students study in 10 educational- scientific institutes and 5 local centers of distance learning. Training of specialists at the University, including foreign students, is carried out on 33 directions and 42 specialties according to educational and professional programs of the bachelor, the specialist, the master degree. Educational process is provided by teachers of 51 departments.

Educational institution is awarded with the order of Friendship of the people, the numerous winner of ratings "The Gold fate", "The best enterprises of Ukraine" in the nomination "Higher education", the winner of All-Ukrainian competition on a rank "The best employer of year" among the enterprises and the organization of the Rovno region, included in the Gold book of business elite of "Ukraine".

The University is the leader in Ukraine on training of specialists for a water management and remains extremely actual also for other branches - hydropower, power, construction, mining, agricultural. Training of specialists on water management specialties is carried out within nearly 100 years. During this time diplomas of engineers of the water management were gained by more than 20 thousand experts who work in Ukraine and abroad. Specialties of institute are licensed on the IV level of accreditation, according to it the institute carries out training of bachelors, specialists and masters.

Material base

The university has a strong material base that meets the modern requirements of training specialists. The educational process is carried out in 7 educational buildings where work over 100 specialized audiences, offices, laboratories, the classes equipped with the modern audiovisual equipment, computers and other technical equipment. Educational, production and other practicians students pass in the laboratories, workshops, on training grounds of university, in lead agencies and in the enterprises of Ukraine, foreign Higher Education Institutions and enterprises.  Funds of library have over 820000 copies, among them: educational, scientific literature, periodicals, normative technical documentation, theses and other sources of information. University town is convenient and compact. Here are situated educational buildings and 6 student's hostels where live over than three thousand students, almost all the foreign students. 

Scientific Institutions

Water Management and Environmental Management

Mechanics and Energy

Road Transport

Construction and Architecture

Automation, Cybernetics and Computer Technology

Agroecology and land Management

Economics, Management and Law


Environmental engineering and gydromelioration

Hydrotechnical construction, resistance of materials and construction mechanics

Water management construction and operation of hydromeliorative systems

Water supply, water disposal and boring

Water management ecology, hydrology and hydraulics

Engineering geology and hydrogeology

Tuition Fees

On preparatory department – 1001$ per year.

At the main faculty.

Day form of education – 1501 $ per year.

Correspondence form of education– 800 $ per year.

The bachelor degree(training in English) – 2200 $ per year.

The master degree (training in English) – 2400 $ per year.

Postgraduate study – 2500 $ per year.

Doctoral studies – 3000 $ per year.

Main Directions Of Scientific Activity Of The Institute

• The filtration theory in environments, are deformed; physical modeling of the filter of deformation processes.

• Theoretical bases and practical methods of complex regulation of stream channel of the mountain rivers with using the gydromorfological theory of the stream channel processes.

• Management of high waters and antiflood protection of settlements and territories against flooding by high waters.

• Protection of settlements against flooding and agricultural grounds.

• Information technologies in the solution of problems of deformation and stability of discrete and continual systems.

• The principles and mechanisms of public administration by a water management on state and regional levels.

• Mechanisms of transfer of the reclaimed lands and objects in the municipal property.

• Improvement of an ecological condition of irrigating and drying lands, water objects, ecological improvement of the small rivers and lakes.

• Methods, ways, technical means of the commercial water account on the water management objects.

• Technologies and technical means of water treatment and water disposal for systems of agricultural water supply, technical means of purification of irrigation water.

• Monitoring of the reclaimed lands, channels, constructions, the small rivers and other objects for receiving an objective assessment about them.

• Increase of reliability of operation of irrigating and drying systems and water - management objects.

• Monitoring of a state and increase of operational reliability of rice irrigating systems of the Dunay river.

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy


City: Kharkiv

Established: 1958

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, distance learning

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

10000+ Students

438 teachers

53 PhDs

222 Professors and doctors

The Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is the only higher educational institution, IV level of accreditation which trains pedagogical employees for lyceums, technical schools, colleges, universities; experts of production and the life sphere in fields: mechanical engineering, transport, welding, energy, light industry, electronics, economics, electromechanics, polygraphy, metrology, standardization and certification, labor protection, computer technologies, design, food industry, management, practical psychology.

Material-technical base: equipped educational buildings, libraries with reading rooms, electronic library, computer classes, Internet access and Wi-Fi, modern dining rooms and hostels, stadium, gymnastic halls and gyms, sports camp, medical office, cultural center.

Also UIPA has three specialized scientists Councils for protection of candidate theses; international accreditation of preparation engineering -pedagogics staff;

Center for training of the international engineers and teachers. 

Engineering and Pedagogical Academy has a preparatory department, and also postgraduate study and doctoral studies, created three specialized commissions for protection of doctoral dissertations. UIPA has the international accreditation therefore has the right to train engineers-teachers of the international level. Educational buildings are equipped with modern technical means, computer classes are connected to the Internet through a network and Wi-Fi.

The Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy has all the conditions for development of sciences schools in the field of pedagogics and engineering psychology; operated 4 specialized academic Councils for protection of master's theses. Operated the center of training of the international engineers-teachers, the scientific and methodical center of engineering pedagogical education, the center for development of highest engineering and pedagogical standards, 6 educational and scientific-industrial complexes.

Ternopol Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University


City: Ternopol 

Established: 1960

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, distance learning

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

9800 Students

386 teachers

140 PhDs

24 Professors and doctors

Material and technical base: 11 educational and laboratory buildings, 3 sports buildings and 5 hostels. The Important structural divisions of TGTU are the Recreation center, the Museum of history of university, the Research center of history of money, the center of physical culture, publishing house "Economic Thought", library of electronic resources. Students have access to electronic libraries of Great Britain, Orkhusky business school (Denmark). Also there are a sanatorium for 50 persons, therapeutic, dental, physiotherapeutic offices, and also offices of massage, physiotherapy exercises, procedural, reflexotherapies, dining rooms, cafe, buffets, etc. The university is the organizer of the international conferences, it supports the scientific communications with the advanced foreign universities of the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Poland, China, Russia and other states. The main tasks of university are training of engineers, economists, world level managers. 

Scientific researches at university are conducted in such main directions: development of new technologies, machines, equipment and devices in branch of medicine, space, lighting engineering, mechanical engineering, food productions; creation of new materials and technologies of their receiving.  Novelty and high level of scientific and technical development of university are confirmed with more than 100 certificates and patents for inventions, received in the last 5 years, publications of 16 monographs. 

The Ternopol Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University carries out scientific and research work in the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Ministry of Science and Technologies, National Space Agency, the enterprises and other ministries and departments. 

Projects of scientists of university was repeatedly represented at the international exhibitions, in particular, on Interhospital-95 in Hanover (Germany), Health-95 (Ternopol), СЕВiТ-99 in Hanover (Germany). 

At university actively works the students' scientific society . Students start to study science, take part in seminars and competitions, make reports at conferences, publish their works. There are based grants named after Ivan Pul'uj for support of students who make excellent progress in educational and scientific activity. Since 1996, the university issued Scientific Bulletin, which publishes the latest achievements of the university scientists in various fields of science and technology. 


Faculty of Computer Technologies

Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies: Specialties Automated Control of Technological Processes, Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Productions

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnics


 Electrical Engineering Power Consumption Systems

Lighting Technologies and Light Sources

Power Management

Faculty of Computer Information Systems and Program Engineering 

Program Engineering: Specialty Software Engineering,

Computer Sciences: Specialty Information Control Systems and Technologies

Computer Engineering: Specialty Computer systems and networks, Information and Communication Systems Security

Faculty of Testing Instruments and Radio Computer Systems 

Instrument Engineering: Specialty Instruments of Precise Mechanics

Radio Engineering: Speciality Equipment of Radio Communication, Radio Broadcasting and Television

Radio-Electronic Apparatus: Specialty Biotechnical and Medical Apparatuses and Systems

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering: Specialty Technologies of Machine Building

Welding: Specialty Technology and Equipment of Welding

Construction: Specialty Industrial and Civil Engineering

Automobile Transport

Faculty of Management and Business in Production


Management :Specialities: Management of Organizations and Administration, Management of Innovative Activity

Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurial Activity

Economic Cybernetics: Specialty Economic Cybernetics

Marketing: Specialty Marketing

 Finances and Credit: Specialty Finances and Credit

Accounting and audit: Specialty Accounting and audit

Faculty of Machine Building and Food Technologies

Machine Building: Specialities: Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Systems, Agricultural Machines and Equipment, Food and Processing Production Equipment

Food Technologies and Engineering: Speciality Technologies of Fruit and Vegetables Storage, Preservation and Processing

Faculty for Foreign Students

Study in English

Computer Sciences: Speciality Information Control Systems and Technologies

Management: Speciality Management of Organizations

Study in Ukrainian: all accredited specialties

Department of Pre-University Studies

Department of Pre-University Studies operated since 2008.

Department of Pre-University Studies is an methodical, educational and scientific branch of the university which includes the the Chair of Foreign Languages, the Chair of Physical Education and the Chair of Sports and Physical Rehabilitation.

Teaching staff: 31 teachers, 6 Professor Assistants, Ph.D., 11 senior lecturers and 13 junior members of teaching staff .

The Chair is working under "The Concept of Teaching Foreign Language as a Language for Special Use within the Framework of the Bologna Process".

In training process teachers use modern methodical and scientific technologies of foreign language learning. Our students are winners of the All-Ukrainian Foreign Language Competitions.

The Chair of Physical Education and the Chair of Sports and Physical Rehabilitation are equipped with modern infrastructure, have a gym, a gymnastic area, a weightlifting room, an aerobics and fitness hall, a workout room, a swimming pool, Chess School named after Vasyl Ivanchuk, a modern conference hall with access to the Internet.

For Foreign Students

Training in English Language

Bachelor’s Degree Specialties

Computer Sciences


Master's Degree Specialties

Information Control Systems and Technologies

Management of Organizations and Administration

Training in Ukrainian Language

Bachelor's Degree Specialties

Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies

Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnics

Program Engineering

Computer Sciences

Computer Engineering

Information and Communication Systems Security

Instrument Engineering

Radio Engineering

Radio-Electronic Apparatuses

Mechanical Engineering



Automobile Transport



Economic Cybernetics


Finances and Credit

Accounting and audit

Machine Building

Food Technologies and Engineering

Master's Degree Specialties

Automated Control of Technological Processes

Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Productions

Electrical Engineering Power Consumption Systems

Lighting Technologies and Light Sources

Power Management

Software Engineering

Information Control Systems and Technologies 

Computer systems and networks

Instruments of Precise Mechanics

Biotechnical and Medical Apparatuses and Systems 

Technologies of Machine Building

Technology and Equipment of Welding

Industrial and Civil Engineering

  Management of Organizations and Administration 

Management of Innovative Activity


Finances and Credit

Accounting and audit

Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Systems

Agricultural Machines and Equipment

Food and Processing Production Equipment

Technologies of Fruit and Vegetables Storage, Preservation and Processing

Terms of study

Preparatory department -1 year;

Bachelor - 4 years;

Specialist - 1 year (after Bachelor degree);

Master -1-2 years (after Bachelor Degree);

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) -3 years (after obtaining Master’s diploma);

Doctor of Sciences - 3 years (after obtaining PhD diploma).

We welcome you to study in Ternopol Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University.

State University of information and Communication technologies


City: Kiev

Established: 1957

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, distance learning, external,

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

8000 students

310 teachers

120 PhDs

40 Professors and doctors

Material and technical base: digital automatic telephone exchanges, the center of networks and systems of mobile communication, the center of distance learning, the computer center of learning foreign languages, computer classes, electronic library, the laboratories equipped with modern telecommunication equipment, Internet access, the center of culture and arts, sports classes, stadium.

Development of the high telecommunication and information technologies becomes one of the main indicators of development of society. According to the global forecast, already in the current time more than 50% of the specialists engaged in world production, work in the sphere of informational communications and this tendency continues to develop.  Every year at University opens one or two new specialties, for example, ecology, sociology, law. These specialties allow experts to solve problems of the person in the sphere of telecommunication technologies and information security. Using all the potential as a leading higher educational institution in the area of communication and informatization the university strengthens a material base, carries out automation of educational process, using the most modern achievements of telecommunication, computer, digital and fiber-optic technologies. Introduces modern perspective methods and technologies of training. The university completely passed to credit and modular technology of the organization of educational process. 

The university cooperates with foreign educational institutions: The higher technical school Deutsche Telecom (Leipzig, Germany), National institute of telecommunications, Communication and management Institute (Warsaw, Poland), Enterprize WINFOR Sp.Z. (Poland), Tashkent university of information technologies (Uzbekistan), Malagsky state university (Spain).Moscow technical university of communication and informatics (Moscow, Russia), Saint-Petersburg state university of telecommunications (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Practised two-way exchange of students and teachers of university with foreign higher educational institutions, implementation of the general scientific projects. Hold the international student's scientific conferences. Students and teachers of university take part in All-Ukrainian competitions for the best idea of software creation for mobile phones on the platforms developed by the leading firms in the field of mobile communication. These competitions are organized by the known foreign companies with support of State department of communication and informatization of Ukraine. Our students often occupy prize-winning places and receive prizes and other awards at these competitions.

From 3-4 courses students join research work, actively participate in the organization and carrying out scientific student's conferences, seminars.

Educational and scientific institutes

- Educational and scientific institute of Telecommunications and informatization

- Educational and scientific institute of Information security

- Educational and scientific institute of Humanitarian technologies

- Educational and scientific institute of the Extra-mural training and distance study

- Educational and scientific institute of Postgraduate education

- Research institute of Telecommunications


Faculty of Telecommunication

Faculty of Information technologies

Faculty of Information security

Faculty of Management


Information technologies

Information communications

Communication systems

Radio electronic systems

Radio technologies

High mathematics

Information protection systems

Computer systems and networks

Information security management


Physical training

Radio monitoring and radio frequency management

Telecommunication systems

Telecommunication technologies

Calculation devices

Security of information technologies


Management of communication enterprises


Social technology

Foreign languages

Ukrainian linguistics

Research Departments

Research and analytical center «Telecom»

Research sector «NIC LKS»


Radio engineering (Radio engineering devices, systems and complexes; units of radio contact, broadcasting and television).

Technologies of information security (Technologies of information security and its automation).

Information security management.

Computer engineering (Computer's networks and systems).

Telecommunication (Telecommunication systems and networks; information communication networks).

Security of information and telecommunication systems (Security of information and telecommunication systems).

Management (Administration and Management of enterprises ).

Sociology .

Terms of study

Bachelor's degree: 4 years

Specialist's degree: 4 years on Bachelor’s degree plus 1 year

Master's degree: 4 years on Bachelor’s degree plus 1-1,5 year

Post-graduation course 5 years (Bachelor’s degree plus Master’s degree) plus 3+ years

Tuition fees for one academic year:

Bachelor's degree 2500 USD

Specialist's degree 2600 USD

Master's degree 2700 USD

Post-graduation course 3000 USD

Accommodation: 550 USD per year.

Sevastopol National University of Nuclear energy and Industry


City: Sevastopol

Established in 1996

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, Distance learning, external

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Material and technical base :

The best in Sevastopol and Crimea reading room, scientific and technical library , computer center and modern computer audience , sports gyms and playgrounds, sports clubs , club, creative groups and theater groups , music, choreography and other areas of arts , dining room , buffets , a student dormitory.  Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry ( SNUNEI ) - is the only higher education institution in the system of the nuclear industry in Ukraine, having a unique scientific and educational databases . 

Professional scientific and pedagogical staff combines experience of scientists on the operation of nuclear power plants for radiation and nuclear safety , storage and processing of radioactive waste with the experience of highly qualified teachers and scholars in the field of nuclear energy .

Research work carried out on the material and technical basis NEIL of the nuclear and physics researches and nuclear safety , as well as on the unique educational complexes , which include :  The educational and research reactor IR-100 ; Subcritical assembly of an active zone of the educational and research IR-200 reactor; The radiochemical and spectrometer laboratories certified in Gosstandart of Ukraine; 

Radiochemical laboratory for work with open radioactive materials;

The automated 22 thousand kW power installation;

Tow basin with necessary measuring equipment;

The unique heatphysical stand for carrying out researches of a condition of active zones;

The operating real equipment of nuclear power plants shops with VVER-1000 blocks;

Equipment and stands of educational laboratories of departments.

Being basic university of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, SNUNEI trains experts for nuclear energy and the industry, systems of power supply, specialists in environmental protection, energy saving and computer technologies.

The system of training of specialists in different specialties has no analogs in higher education institutions of Ukraine, combines theoretical and practical preparation on real equipment, training of specialists which completely conform to the European standard.

As a part of university: Institute of nuclear energy, electrical equipment and energy saving Institute, Institute of nuclear and chemical technologies, Ecological and technological Faculty, Faculty of metrology and management of quality systems, Faculty of information technologies, Faculty of general scientific preparation.

SNUNEI carries out training of bachelors, experts and masters on various specialties and the directions. SNUNEI consists of: 4 educational and scientific institutes, 4 faculties.

1 . Institute of Nuclear Energy.


— nuclear steam-generating installations;

— operation and physical protection of nuclear power installations;

— steam-turbine installations and auxiliary mechanisms;

— automation of technological processes and productions;

— heating engineers.

2. Electrical equipment and energy saving Institute.


— electric networks and power consumption systems;

— operation of power plants;

— automation of electric systems;

— electric engineering;

— energy saving and nonconventional power sources.

3.Institute of nuclear and chemical technologies.


— dosimetry, radiation and technological control;

— chemical and technological processes;

— chemical technologies of a nuclear and fuel cycle.

4 . Institute of upgrade skills and pre-university preparation. Departments:

— pre-university preparation;

— postdegree education.


1 . Ecological and technological faculty.


Theoretical fundamentals of ecology.


Radio ecology and ecological safety.

Faculty of metrology and management of quality systems.


— metrology, information and measuring technology;

— metrology, standardization, certifications and quality managements;

— theoretical methods of receiving and processing of metrological information.

3 . Faculty of information technologies.


Computer ekological-economic monitoring;

Information security;

The computerized systems;

Calculus mathematics.

4 . Faculty of general scientific preparation.


Humanitarian, social and economic disciplines;

The higher mathematics.


Mechanics and materials science.

Informatics and computer graphics.

Descriptive geometry and machine-building drawing.

Foreign languages.

Physical training.

For foreign citizens

Students must provide the Certificate of completion the preparatory faculty where Russian or Ukrainian to language was learned.

For the entrants, who wish study at our University conducted an interview in Russian, mathematics and physics.

Bachelor’s degree specialties

Nuclear Power Engineering

Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technologies

Chemical Technology

Computer Engineering

Computer Sciences

Metrology, Standardization and Certification

Metrology and Information-Measurement Technologies

Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Usage of Natural Resources

Term of study is 4 years.

Tuition fee:USD 2000-2200 per 1 academic year


Nuclear Power Engineering

Automated Operation of Technological Processes

Electrical Power Plants

Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Chemical Technology of Rare Earth Elements and Materials Based of Them

Quality, Standardization and Certification

Metrology and Measurement Equipment

Ecology and Environmental Protection

Specialized Computer Systems

Computer Ecology and Economic Monitoring

Term of study: 1-1,5 year

Tuition fee: USD 2000-2200 per 1 academic year

The cost of distance learning in any direction for 1 academic year:

Bachelors – 1500 USD;

Specialists – 1700 USD;

Masters – 1800 USD.

The cost of accommodation: 200 UAH ($25 per month).

The postgraduate study carries out preparation on the following specialties

Information technologies;

Transformation of renewable types of energy;

Thermal and nuclear power installations;

Ecological safety.

Terms of preparation in postgraduate study:

with a separation from production - 3 years;

Pryazovski State Technical University


City: Mariupol

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, distance learning, preparatory department

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

11000 Students

517 teachers

217 PhDs

38 Professors and doctors

Educational process is conducted by highly skilled teachers. During study at university students study a modern computer technologies, foreign languages, study a number of economic courses, courses on environmental protection, national and foreign history and culture.

Material-technical base:

12 academic buildings, modern equipment, scientific library , cafes , buffets , ambulance room , student club , a sanatorium , a modern sports complex, medical centres; International Club; driving school; summer camp on the Azov Sea.  The University has one of the biggest library in the region , which general fund has more than 500,000 copies , 6 reading rooms for 395 seats , an electronic version of the catalogues . High quality training promotes the development of scientific work in PGTU . Scientific researches is conducted within the research complex , which includes a problem and industry laboratories, 10 interdepartmental research laboratories and research groups in the departments . 

Also we have the center of scientific and technical creativity of youth , departments of new materials and technologies , intellectual property, innovation. Subject of research work defined by the state scientific and technical programs , programs and plans of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine , orders and industrial needs .

The considerable part of researches is carried out in the main directions of development of science and the technology, approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, among which are environmental protection, environmentally friendly power and the resource-saving technologies, new substances and materials.  In recent years the number of researches on applied economy, the economic theory, ecology, sociology are increase. 

The Pryazovski State Technical University has a number of successful scientific schools, which projects are widely recognized in Ukraine and abroad . This is a school of hydro-and gas dynamics , heat and mass transfer in metallurgical aggregates ; theory of rolling production , efficiency and quality of electricity supply industry , restoration and improvement of durability of machine parts and assemblies ; analysis of filtration processes in the formation of gas blast mines ; creating a wave -positive drive gears designed to equip heavy metallurgical equipment , welding and related technologies , the creation of the new generation materials.

Systematically representatives of University take part in international conferences, such as Reading of Aristotel (Mariupol, Ukraine) , conference of young scientists in the city Green Gora ( Poland) , in the symposium "East-West " ( Wuerzburg , Germany) , "Priazov Logistics " ( Miskolc , Mariupol) . Traditional international scientific-practical conference about problems of electric power quality , which is held every two years in one of the partner countries .

The quality of electric current in our university is recognized as a world leader and the scientific and academic conferences around the world are defined as the best in this area. Our University works with schools in Germany, England , Italy for the preparation of applications for participation in projects under the program "Tempus- TACIS " .

Many alumnus of PGTU are famous leaders of industrial enterprises in Ukraine , deputies of different levels, including the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Thousands of graduates of PGTU occupy leading positions in the industrial enterprises of the city and in the region , hundreds of graduates have protected doctoral and candidate dissertations. For the considerable success achieved in area of education and science, PGTU was repeatedly awarded and it was noted at many exhibitions.

For improvement of quality of training studentts, integration of PGTU into the all-European educational and scientific space within Bologna Process at university was created the system of quality management, control center of a human resources, the modular and rating, credit and modular international system (ECTS), introduced the automated computer system «Dean's office» for quality control of educational process.


· Faculty of Humanities

· Faculty of Power Engineering

· Faculty of Welding

· Faculty of Metallurgy

· Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

· Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty

· Faculty of Engineering and Language Training for International Students

· Faculty of Information Technologies

· Faculty of Transport Technologies

· aculty of Economics

Terms of study

Bachelor’s level –study for 4 years. In the end of study the students must pass the final examination. Specialist – study for 1 year (plus Bachelor Degree). Master’s degree – study for 1 year (plus Bachelor Degree).

Candidate of Science study up to three years, include the protection of final dissertation. International Cooperation: PSTU cooperates with universities in Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and China. At university operate: postgraduate study, the doctoral studies, three specialized academic councils on protection of doctoral and master's theses on 6 specialties in which for the last four years more than 80 people defended doctoral and master's dissertations. 

Faculty for foreign students

PGTU trains foreign students more than 30 years. During this time, more than a thousand foreigners from more than 60 countries, such as Poland , Germany , Cuba, Egypt , Morocco , Syria, Jordan , India , Iraq, Israel , China, Turkey , Cameroon , Laos , Peru, Lebanon, etc. have received education at our University.

Study at the University can only foreign citizens who have completed secondary education . Foreign nationals who have been trained in higher educational institutions of another foreign countries, and wish to continue further higher education in PGTU can do this on the basis of documents of education and qualification level. Foreign nationals who have completed higher education and have a desire and ability to research and scientific work, taken in graduate and doctoral university.

Tuition Fees

Preparatory department - U.S. $ 1200 per year.

Basic faculties - 1500-2200 U.S. dollars per year.

Hostel accommodation - $ 300 per year ( the room for two people ).

Invitations to training, registration, health insurance , visa support and meeting a foreign citizen - $ 150.

Post-graduate studies - $ 2,500 per year.

Students have a pre-university tutorial and language and engineering training at the preparatory department.

The main subjects taught at the preparatory department: Russian, mathematics , physics, chemistry , computer science, biology, geography , cultural studies , history of Ukraine .

At the end of the preparatory course students pass the exams and receive a Certificate. With this certificate students can continue their education in higher educational institutions of Ukraine  PGTU provides training on basic faculties in basic specialties to obtain a bachelor's degree and a master's degree . Academic programs include fundamental and professionally discipline, practical training . 

Postgraduate and doctoral education

Foreign citizens are admitted to postgraduate and doctoral for the preparation and defense of dissertation for getting the scientific degree of Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science. Period of Training is 3 years.

The PGTU has a special Council for the defense of dissertations in different areas of sciences: economics, mechanics , metallurgy and transport , welding.

Foreign citizens have the opportunity to undergo training and practice in various specialties , which are available at PGTU.

We welcome you to study in Pryazovski State Technical University.

Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk


City: Odessa

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

5964 students

418 teachers

87 PhDs

58 Professors and doctors

35 Academicians and Corresponding Members of the branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine

6 - Honored workers of Higher School of Ukraine

10 Honored workers of different sectors

2 members of the New York Academy of Sciences

2 winners of State Award of Ukraine in Science and Technology

30 Departments

In the university received education about 1,350 professionals from 73 oreign countries .

Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU) is located in three school buildings, with machine , sports , assembly halls , educational workshops, a library ( the general fund of more than 800,000 copies), research laboratories , some of which are unique ( Research pool, aerodynamic laboratory ), modern publishing center with the printing . ONMU has a Yacht Club, in which bases 13 cruising yachts . The total area of ​​educational and laboratory buildings is 53900 square meters. The university has a modern Computer Centre , which included 250 PC , also 300 PC uses in the departments and divisions.  The majority of computers are united in local university fiber-optic network to 500 computers which has Internet connection. 

Technical condition of laboratories with their equipment, cathedral offices, an educational workshop meet the appointment and requirements of modern curricula and programs, provide practical training of students and create for them favorable conditions for term projects and graduation project with wide use of the computer equipment.

Partners of ONMU:

Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) .

Estonian Maritime Academy (Estonia).

Universite de Tizi-Ouzou, Institut de Genie Civil ( Algeria) .

Ltd " Potiycky maritime port " ( Georgia ) .

State dockyard of Singan (China).

Shetsinsky Technical University ( Poland ) .

ONMU was founded in 1930. It is the only educational institution in Ukraine and the CIS, which prepares the entire spectrum of coastal water transport specialists. Over the years the University has trained over 30,000 professionals for the CIS countries and more than 1200 specialists for 69 countries in Europe , Asia, Africa and Latin America. Currently, the university has more than 5,000 students, including 100 foreigners.  Training carries out at 7 faculties in 12 specialties. 34 professors and doctors of science, 101 associate professor, 27 academicians and corresponding members, PhDs work at 27 departments of university. 

The University departments has 25 laboratories , some of which has a unique point , such as a development pool, aerodynamic laboratory and some others, allowing to carry out training and scientific researches at the modern level .  In the educational process is widely used different types of modern technical facilities : cinema, Audio technical facilities , television, video , satellite TV , etc. , running educational television center , which consists of hardware-studio complex. A modern types of technical means: the cinema, sound technical means, television, video, satellite television, etc., are widely used in educational process, also operates the educational television center with the hardware and studio complex, allowing to transfer the information for work to students in audiences. 

An important role in teaching process plays a computer center, which has 5 classrooms for 125 seats, equipped with PVM Pentium, which are connected to the local network and have access to the Internet.  The University has a scientific and technical library, with more than 700 thousand books and also have a unique collection of books on specialties, studying in the OGMU . 

Students have the opportunity to do practical work in such companies as shipping companies, shipbuilding and ship repairing companies , marine and river trading ports of Odessa , Iljichiovsk, Ishmael , Reni, as well as in other organizations of Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine.  The University has a sports complex, which consists of a large game room, specialized halls for wrestling, weightlifting , table tennis , aerobics and two gyms . Besides the university has its own territory in the Black Sea Yacht Club , where there are 13 university -owned yachts . 

Cathedral offices, training workshops are fully equipped.

All foreign students are provided with the accommodation (room for two people).


Shipbuilding Faculty

Engineering Faculty

Faculty of mechanization of ports

Faculty of waterways and shelf structures

Faculty of transport technologies and systems

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Law

Center for Postgraduate Education and training

Preparation Centre

Postgraduate training carry out on the next specialties: science of machines , lifting machinery , theory of the ship mechanics and construction of ships; shipbuilding technology and ship repair , ship power plants , automated control systems and advanced information technology , management projects and the development of production ; engineering Thermophysics , industrial power ; transportation; bases and foundations; hydrobiology, hydraulics and engineering , statistics, economics and mathematical modeling , economics and business organization of production , accounting, analysis and audit; economics of transport and communication , social philosophy and philosophy of history , criminal law and criminology .

Odessa National Maritime University is a member of the International Association of Universities , accredited by UNESCO , member of the Association of European Universities and Southeast European Association for Transportation Studies (SEATREF).

ONMU participates in the Trans-European cooperation programs for higher education (TEMPUS TACIS).

Tuition Fees (USD)

Bachelor degree


1 year

2 year

3 year

4 year

0,5 year









Distance learning







Specialist degree (USD)


1 semester

2 semester

3 semester







Distance learning





Master degree (USD)


1 semester

2 semester

3 semester







Second Education (USD)


1 semester

2 semester






Distance learning




Preparation courses 1165 USD

Graduate School Full-time2500 USD

Distance learning 2330 USD

Accommodation 35 USD per month

Odessa National Maritime University


City: Odessa

Established in 1944

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

8000 students

370 teachers

150 PhDs

50 Professors and doctors

Knowledge Areas: Automation and Control, Management, Administration, Law, Radiotechnics, radio-electronic devices and communications, transport and transport infrastructure, Electronics and Electromechanics


Maritime School named after A.I. Marinesco

Maritime College of Technical Fleet of ONMA

Training centers

Educational Center of Pre-University Training

Information and Advisory Centre

Training Centre GMDSS

Center for training and certification of seafarers

Information Technology Center

Center for survival in extreme conditions at sea

Odessa National Maritime Academy is one of the world's leading centers of higher maritime education, which from 1944 prepares highly skilled professionals for the sea, river transport, fishing fleet, enterprises and organizations of maritime transport.

Material-technical base:

7 academic buildings, science library, publishing center, modern computer equipment , Internet access , campus .

Odessa National Maritime Academy is well known in the world maritime community. The Academy is a leading educational, scientific and methodical center , which defines the philosophy and strategy of the development of maritime education in Ukraine. Under the new economic conditions, the main objective of the Academy is to ensure the competitiveness of our graduates in the domestic and global labor markets due to the high quality standards of training of seafarers, the implementation of all national and international requirements.  Every year, more and more domestic and foreign ship-owners from Belgium , Great Britain, Greece, Denmark , Germany, Netherlands , Norway, Japan and other major maritime states prefer Ukrainian sailors and especially graduates of our Academy. The academy has all the conditions for engage the sports facilities: swimming pool, gym, sports sections and water station. 

Academy Publications

Automation of marine hardware

Ship Power Plants


Maritime law: current issues of theory and practice


Sea Navigation Faculty

Specialization: Cargo transportation, Chartering and Agency Service, Deep-Sea Navigation

Maritime and Inland Waterway Navigation Faculty

Departments: Sea Geodesy and Hydrography, Navigation Inner and Sea Water ways, English Language in Sea and Hydrography Radiocommunication, Theory and Ship's Construction, Security and Safety at Sea.  Specialization: Technical Service Ships' Navigation and Dredging Operations, Navigation on Sea and Inner Water Ways, Sea-going Hydrographic Ships' Navigation 

The Engineering Faculty

Departments: Ship's Power Plants, Maintenance and Fleet Operation, Ship's Heat-power Engineering; Life Safety at Sea; Ship's Refrigerating and Auxiliary Plants and Systems, their Operation; Theoretical Mechanics; English Language in Ships` Engineering Department Technology of Materials and Ship's Repair.

Specialization: Ships' power and refrigerating plants operation, Ships' power plants operation. 

Automation Faculty

Departments: Automation of Ships' Steam Power Plants, Automation of Ships' Gas and Diesel Turbine plants, Theory of Automatic Control and Computing.

Specialization: Automated Control of Ships' Power Plants

Electrical, engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty

Departments: Higher Mathematics; Ships' Electrical Machines and Automatically Controlled Drives; Maritime Radio Communication; Principles of Ship Electric Power Engineering; Ships' Electrical Equipment and Automation; Fundamentals of Radio Engineering

Specialization: Maintenance and Operation of Ship's Automated Systems

Maritime Law Faculty

Departments: Management and Economy on the Maritime Transport, Administrative and Criminal Law, Civil and Labor Law, Economic Theory and Business Undertakings on a Marine transport, Maritime Law, Ukrainian Culture and Language, Physical Education and Philosophy

Specialization: Management of Organization, Management of Organizations of Sea Transportation, Maritime Law

Azov Maritime Institute of Odessa National Maritime Academy and Izmail Faculty

Specialization: Navigation, Management, Ship Power Plant Operation.

Military Training Faculty

Faculty of Training of Foreign Students



Radio-electronic devices, systems and complexes

Maritime law

Ships power plant maintenance and operation

Electric systems and complexes of transport means

Automated control of technological processes

Management of organizations and administration

For studying at faculty applicant must have complete secondary education, also foreign applicants must pass Medical test.  Before start of educational process foreigners should study at preparatory faculty for 10 month to study Russian or Ukrainian. 

Tuition fees of the preparatory course is 10430 UAH. 

Terms of training:

Bachelor degree - 4 years

Specialist degree - 1,5 years

Master's degree - 1,5 years.

Total period is 5,5 years.

Cost of training for Bachelor degree (full-time) 101600 UAH (25400 UAH annually).

Cost of training for Specialist degree ( full-time) 38550 UAH (25700 UAH for the first year and 12850 UAH for the second year). 

Cost of training for Master's degree (full-time) 40320 UAH (26880 UAH for the first year, 13440 UAH for the second year). 

Foreign students are provided with accommodation, take part in cultural, social, and sports life, scientific and research work. 

Postgraduate Education

Enrollment in graduate school conducted in the following areas.

engines and power plants.

Refrigerator, vacuum and compressor equipment.

Electrical equipment and systems.

Radio and television systems.

Automation of management processes.

Navigation and traffic management;

Maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Economics and Business Management.

Enrollment of students in doctoral studies conducted in the following specializations

Engines and power plants.

Automation of management processes.

Navigation and traffic management.

Maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Economics and Management of Enterprises.

Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications named after A.S.Popov


City: Odessa

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Students 7395

465 teachers

328 PhDs

Professors and doctors 44

Tuition fee per year (UAH): 4500 to 6500

Terms of training: Bachelor – 4 years, Specialist – 1 year, Master – 1,5 years

Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications named after AS Popov is a technical college that focuses on the training of specialists in the field of telecommunications, located in the city Odessa.

International activities of the Academy include participation in international associations , scientific, technical and pedagogical relations with foreign universities and organizations , training of foreign students .  The Academy trains specialists from foreign countries since 1949 . During this time it has trained over 850 foreign professionals from 74 countries . 

Within international relations with foreign educational institutions and firms, on the basis of contracts of cooperation there is an exchange of leading scientists and specialists of partner higher education institutions for the purpose of lecturing, training of teachers, participation of employees in the international conferences which organized the Academy and foreign higher education institutions, publications of articles and reports of scientists of Academy in foreign countries, publications of foreign scientists in articles and Academy reports is carried out at the Academy. The educational process is provided by 28 departments, 465 teachers, including 13 academicians and corresponding members of international academies, 17 academicians and corresponding members of branch academies, 44 professors, doctors, 190 assistant professors, PhDs, 4 Honored Workers of Higher School of Ukraine , 6 State Prize winners, 3 Honored Scientists of Ukraine. 


Educational and Research Institute of economics and management

Department of economic theory

Department of Management and Marketing

Department of Economics Business and corporate governance

Department of System Analysis and Project Management

Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Logistics

Department of networks and systems of postal communication process safety and power systems

Department of Physics

Department of Information and Management

Department of Foreign Languages

​Department of Physical Education

Educational and Research Institute of Radio, Television, Electronics

The Educational and Scientific Institute of Information Safety Issues

Department of Political Science;

Department of Philosophy and Ukrainian Science;

Department of Language training

Faculty of information Networks

Department of Communication Networks

Department of switching systems

Department of Telecommunication Documentary

Department of Information Technology

Chair of Theory of electrical circuits

Faculty of Telecommunication Systems

Department of telecommunications systems;

Department of fiber-optic communication lines;

Department of circuitry;

Department of microprocessors and computers;

Department of Mathematics.

Our University is a member of the International Telecommunication Union and the founder of the International Standing Conference of Rectors of Universities of telecommunications.

Department for foreign students

Training of students from foreign countries is one of the most important targets of our University.

The training of foreign citizens for entering the higher education institutions carrying out at the preparatory faculty.

For years of existence of preparatory department for foreign students it successfully completed and received certificates more than 500 foreign citizens. The main task of preparatory department is training of foreign entrants for study in higher education institutions of Ukraine on technical, engineering and economic and humanitarian specialties. The educational process is carried out according to the curricula of preparatory departments and curricula recommended MES of Ukraine for preparation of foreign nationals for entered to higher education institutions. 

Today the Academy training more than 400 foreign students from 25 different countries.

Tuition at the preparatory department $ 1,500 ( included accommodation in the hostel).

Tuition for Bachelor in faculties $ 2,200 (included accommodation in the hostel).

All foreign citizens are provided with a hostel throughout the learning.

Over the past 5 years teachers of preparatory department published 23 textbooks for foreign students.

Material-technical base: a computer room with 10 personal computers connected to the Internet, 14 classrooms. Also, in order to diversify the forms of educational work and improve the quality of training of foreign students the Faculty has a DVD-player, projector screen, laptop.

National Mining University


City: Dnepropetrovsk

Established in 1899

Status: State

Accreditation level: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, evening

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Material-technical base:

10 academic buildings, dining room, recreation center , health care center , sports complex, assembly and dance halls, library (more than 1.5 million books), 6 dormitories for 3050 persons.

Now the National Mining University is a leading institution of education and science, which in the conditions of world integration processes prepares highly skilled professionals and researchers in all specialties of geological survey and mining area, fuel and energy and mineral resources complexes, mechanical engineering and systems of automation , production computarization. Our graduates possess the most modern computer technology , they are able to solve complex problems of development of industry, economy and law.  In recent years, the number of students of National Mining University has considerably increased. Started training of specialists on the newest specialties. Oriented on the principles of the Bologna Declaration, here is developed and implemented national standards in education , modern training technologies. National Mining University has the international level. The main objective of our activity is to approve the globally high quality technical and humanitarian training in Ukraine, using the best modern educational technologies of the leading American and European universities in the training process. Nowadays we have stable business relations with more than 40 universities and research institutions in 20 countries in Western and Central Europe, Asia and North America. University specialists, students and graduators are actively participate in prestigious international symposia, conferences and congresses.

The University has a Ukrainian-German cultural center, Ukrainian -American linguistic center, Ukrainian- Spanish-Latin American centers and centers of energy saving and energy management, technical protection of information , language training, and aesthetic development , gemological . And all the students can optionally pass a course here if they wish.  The University scientists are working on the implementation of national, international , cross-sectoral and regional programs for solve the priority problems of development of fuel and energy complex, mineral resources, mechanical engineering, ecology. Scientific achievements of university of coal production and effective using of coal, ore minerals of ferrous metals and precious metals, in creation of resource-and energy saving, nature protection and geoinformation technologies, in development of modern control systems by manufacturing management are recognized and are widely used in Ukraine and in the world. 

University has highly qualified scientific and pedagogical potential and advanced modern scientific laboratory base and unique equipment, close connection with the industry, scientists actively involved in solving current problems of the economy.  At the university study about 16,000 students and trainees, postgraduate and doctoral students on 27 specialisations . Teaching process carry out for more than 600 teachers , including more than 100 doctors, professors and 350 associate professors . High quality education is guaranteed by infrastructure of the educational process (total area of ​ university buildings is 126049 m ² ) , modern computer equipment (over 500 modern computers ) , local and global computer networks , a library with more than one million books , strong material-technical base of laboratories , the newest technology of training. 

For 100 years, the University has trained over 56,000 highly qualified specialists , issued more than 500 monographs, 250 textbooks and schoolbooks, which are widely known outside of Ukraine. Training carry out by about 150 doctors and over 1750 Candidates of Sciences. Scientists of the University are the authors about 2,600 inventions, they received 300 patents in foreign contries.


Electrical Engineering Faculty

Department of Electric Machines

Department of Power-Supply systems

Department of Metrology and information and measurement technologies

Department of Electric Drive

Translation Department

Faculty of Information Technologies

Department of Information Security and Telecommunications

Department of System Analysis and Management

Department of Automation and Computer Systems

Department of Сomputer Programs

Faculty of management

Department of Management of production sphere

Department of applied economics

Department of economic theory and fundamentals of business

Department of foreign languages

Faculty of finances and economics

Department of economic cybernetics and information technologies

Department of economics of enterprices

Department of Marketing

Department of economic analysis and finance

Department of Accounting

Mining faculty

Department of Underground Mining

Department of Open Cast Mining

Department of Aerology and Labour Protection

Department of Transport Systems and Technologies

Department of Ecology

Department of Military Training

Department of Physical Culture

Faculty of construction

Department of Construction and Geomechanics

Department of Mine Surveying

Department of Geodesy

Department of Physics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Structural, Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Department of Machinery Design Bases

Department of Mining Machines and Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering

Department of Mining Mechanics

Department of Mineral Dressing

Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy

Department of Transportation Management

Faculty of Geological Prospecting

Department of Geology and Mineral Prospecting

Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering geology

Department of Geophysical Methods of Mineral Prospecting

Department of Mineral Prospecting Technology

Department of Geoinformation Systems

Department of Mineralogy and Petrography

Department of General and Structural Geology

Department of Higher Mathematics

Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Law

Department of History and Political Theory

Department of Philosophy

Department of Civil and Economic Law

Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

Institute of Extramural Education

Interbranch Institute of Continuing Learning

Mechnikov Odessa National University


City: Odessa

Established in 1865

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Fee (UAH): From 5700 to 13650

Number of students: More than 8000

Departments 10

Total number of employees of Odessa National University is about 3,500 people, including 179 doctors, professors , 732 candidates of sciences , professors.  Number of academic staff is 1671 people. In the training process involved 125 doctors, professors, 576 associate professors, including 57 academicians, corresponding members of NAS, distinguished scientists , winners of the State awards. Total number of students is about 14,500 people. Also at the Odessa national university get education more than 700 foreign citizens. 

Odessa national university named after I.I. Mechnikov (ONU) from the date of its creation on May 1, 1865 occupies one of leading places in the formation of education system , in development of scientific researches and culture in Ukraine. It is one of the oldest universities of Ukraine. ONU is world famous university with high international authority. Our University takes the 4th place in a rating of higher educational institutions of Ukraine according to indicators of the scientometric Scopus database. 

Odessa University has 8 major academic buildings with total area of ​​70637 square meters and an area of ​​52937 square meters for training .  8 campuses, with total area of ​​40.5 thousand square meters, 4 buffets , health centers and sports camp " Chernomorka " for 500 people . On the basis of sports facilities (the oldest stadium in Odessa , two sports halls , tennis courts) in ONU prepared world champions of Europe, USSR and Ukraine, the Olympic Games , numerous international master and master of sports. There are 28 scientific schools. Every year run research projects, totaling about 7 million USD from the state budget and contract issues. 

24 University scientists take part in 18 scientific and professional boards in Ukraine. Researches conducted in 30 research departments, including 4 research institutes, 11 research centers , 14 research laboratories .

Library is one of the largest and oldest academic libraries in Ukraine. Founded in 1817 , the library has a fund of more than 3.6 million books , including the unique ancient editions XV-XVIII centuries - 5 incunabulas , 27 paleotypes printed in the first century of book-printing (XV cent.) And about 9,000 rare and valuable books.  Botanical Garden - one of the most famous and oldest in Ukraine, founded in 1867.  Scientific researches are concentrated in 28 scientific divisions, among which 4 research institutes, 8 research centers, 14 problem and research laboratories. 

The main objective of the Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov is training of qualified personnel to meet the needs of different areas of the economy and graduate specialists in education, science, art, economics, law, business , etc.

The educational process at the Odessa National University provides 4 Institute ( Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics , Institute of Social Sciences , Institute of Postgraduate Education ) and 10 faculties: history, philology, Roman-Germanic Philology , economics , juridical, biological , geological and geographical, chemical , physical and Preparatory Faculty. In addition, there is specialized dean's office for foreign students, Preparatory Department for Foreigners , College of Business and Social Work of ONU . Odessa National University has 102 departments and Master department .

In graduate school , which is one of the largest in Ukraine , trained more than 500 people on 105 specialties. Annually 30-35 PhD theses are defended.  Each year more than 30 doctoral students protect 10 -15 doctoral theses. Total at the Odessa National University operates 7 specialized soviets with 29 specialties. Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov established a system of educational institutes and centers in a such cities as Nikolayev, Kherson, Pervomaisk ,Iljichovsk , Belgorod -Dniester , Teplodar. Odessa National University provides training of the specialists on the basis of a license for 20 directions and 41 specialties. 


Historical faculty – 7410 UAH

Chemical faculty – 5700 UAH

Biological faculty – 7410 UAH

Geological and Geographical Faculty – 5700 UAH

Economical and juridical faculty – 13650 UAH

Physical faculty – 5700 UAH

Faculty of Romano-Germanic philology – 12280 UAH

Philological faculty – 12280 UAH

Philosophical faculty - 7410 UAH

Preparatory faculty

University collaborates with institutions of such countries as Austria, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Georgia, China, Korea, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, the USA, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Finland etc. 

Membership in international organizations

The European Association of Universities, Brussels

International Association of Universities, Paris, UNESCO

Eurasian Association of Universities, Moscow

The signing of the Great Charter (the Bologna Charter), University of Bologna, Italy.

The scientific and research work at the University is coordinated by the Pro-Rector for scientific work. The scientific and research work financed from the state budget through the Ministry of Education.

University held scientific events, conferences, symposia, and exhibitions, which organized by the Scientific-Research Department.

At the present, the University has 256 students from 52 foreign countries.

The University departments and laboratories have modern equipment and object-teaching appliances. From the second year, the students take part in scientific and research work. Nowadays the teaching of students is being re-organized to make it closer to the system of education in the European countries.


Odessa is the city on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea, the administrative center of the Odessa region, the largest Ukraine's port and a major industrial, cultural, scientific and recreation center of highways and railroads.  Population of the city is 1,010,845 people. Odessa is a Hero City. According to the magazine "Focus" in 2011 Odessa was the best city for quality of life in Ukraine. There are a number of research institutes and laboratories in Odessa. In economy of Odessa the enterprises connected with the sea business dominate, along with them an important role in activity of the city is played by the processing enterprises and the enterprises of light industry. Considering existence of a set of educational institutions, theaters, museums, libraries and other objects of a cultural and educational profile, the city is known around the world not only as economic, but also as the cultural center.

Kyiv National University Of Construction and Architecture


City: Kyiv

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Students 10000

Average cost of training bachelor (day/correspondence) 12360 UAH / 7060 UAH

Average cost of training specialist (day/correspondence) 14350 UAH / 7500 UAH

Average cost of training master (day/correspondence) 16400 UAH / 8700 UAH

The University is a leading educational institution in Ukraine for training specialists for architectural and construction field. During the years of its existence the University has trained more than 65,000 engineers and architects , including about 2000 specialists from 75 countries. Long-term experience of research work and cooperation of scientists with scientific centers of Ukraine and other countries rendered assistance to creation in university three research institutes, two research complexes, the center of economic researches and forecasting, 11 research laboratories.  The university has nine specialized councils for awarding academic degrees and Ph.D. The university harmoniously combine fundamental and applied research , and its result is the creation of effective structures and improvement of methods for calculating them , improvement of technology, management, economics and construction management of new and renovated facilities , the development of resource-saving technologies of production construction materials , creation, improvement and operation of the building machinery , improvement of design, engineering and management in construction and other areas on the basis of computer technology , environmental protection. Research is carried out of about 700 university teachers and researchers. 

The University has about 10,000 students who study on 19 specialties. Educational process is provided on 44 departments, which qualified teaching staff is more than 400 scientists with academic degrees and titles, including 100 doctors, professors.

Terms of training

Full-time: For Bachelor - 4 years; specialist, master - 5 years (training on specialty "Architecture" - 5.5 years);

Extramural education: For Bachelor - 5 years, specialist, master - 6 years.


Faculty of Automation and Information Technology

For bachelors (4 years): " Engineering Mechanics ", " Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies ", " Computer science ", " Teacher Education ",

For masters and specialists (1 year): lifting , building, road , agricultural machines and equipment , automated control of technological process, information management systems and technologies , information technology of design ;

Architectural Faculty

For bachelors (4,5 years): " Architecture " and "Art"

For masters and specialists (1 year): buildings architecture, urban planning , design of architectural environment, decorative arts.

Construction Faculty

For bachelors (4 years): " Construction " and " Management"

For masters and specialists (1 year): industrial and civil construction, management of organization.

Construction technological Faculty

For bachelors (4 years): " Construction "

For masters and specialists (1 year): Technology of Building constructions, products and materials.

Geoinformation Systems and territory management technologies

For bachelors (4 year): "Construction" and " Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management"

For masters and specialists (1 year): urban development and farming , geodesy , land management and cadastre; geographic information systems and technologies .

Sanitary-Engineering Faculty

For bachelors (4 years): " Construction ", " Water Resources " and "Ecology"

For specialists and masters (1 year): ecology and environmental protection , heat and gas supply and ventilation , construction and equipment of water supply and water disposal .

Preparation courses

· engineering departments 5000 UAH

· architectural faculties 9000 UAH

Tuition fees:

Department of Architecture:

Bachelor - 24 000. (3000 $) per year;

Master -30,000 USD. (3750 $) per year;

Technical Department:

Bachelor - 17 000. (2125 $) per year;

Master - 19 000. (2375 $) per year;

Graduate School 25 000 -32 000 USD. (2750 - $ 4,000) per year.

Students are provided with places in hostels of hotel type: 2-and 3-bed rooms.

The cost of living in a hostel: $ 800 per year.

Department of international Relations

The Preparatory Department for foreign citizens was founded in 1967.  The university cooperates with many educational institutions all over the world. It has a preparatory faculty for foreign students. During the years of its existence it trained and graduated more than 4000 students from foreign countries. If foreign citizens wish to study at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture they must finish a preparatory department and have a certificate of finishing preparatory courses.  Preparatory department for foreign citizens trains the foreigners who have full secondary education and wish to study at University at such specialties as: architecture, economy engineering, medicine. 

The period of training is 10 months. 

About city

Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, city-hero. Located on the Dnieper River . Kiev is a separate administrative unit of Ukraine , cultural, political , socio-economic , transport, scientific and governmental center of the country , which is also one of the religious centers . Kyiv located in the north central part of Ukraine . Kiev is the seventh most populous city in Europe, after Istanbul , Moscow, London , St. Petersburg, Berlin and Madrid.  Since 1991 Kyiv is the capital of the independent Ukraine. The city has its own emblem and flag. The city consists of 10 districts on the right and left banks of the Dnieper. Since IX century Kiev was an important center of intellectual development in Eastern Europe. Today Kiev is one of the largest centers of science and education in Ukraine. Kiev has a large number of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, including several universities of international importance. Kiev is an important industrial center of Ukraine.

Khmelnitskyy National University


City: Khmelnitsky

Established in 1962

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Students trained – 15000

Teaching staff – 400, among them 49 PhD's, professors and 319 candidates of sciences

Khmelnitsky National University is on a leading position in the educational space of Khmelnitsky region, it is a modern institution of higher education with a European perspective.

Material and technical base :

Library has a book funds with over 600 thousand documents : 55% books , 28 % of the scientific literature , 17% of periodicals. Annual replenishment of the fund is 10,000 copies of documents. 7 academic buildings , including buildings of physical training , library and research experimental base. 

5 dormitories for 2,200 students. Student's hostels are equipped with places for independent work, including 2 computer classes , which provided the opportunity to work in the Internet . There are more than 1000 units of personal computers.

The main target of the University is to satisfy the demand in the educational services of the highest level, providing enterprises , institutions and organizations in the country with qualified personnel , the balanced growth of student as a person through the use advanced educational technologies in educational process. Training of future specialists carry 6 institutes , which include 14 departments , which provide study in 17 directions of educational and qualification preparation, including : economics and business, management , teacher training , art, ecology , applied mathematics , computer science , international relations , philosophy, engineering mechanics , radio , electronic devices . 

Khmelnytsky National University has a graded system of training and skill levels of bachelor, specialist, master. Under this system operates 5 teaching and research complexes, which include educational institutions I-II accreditation level, secondary schools and enterprises . The University is recognized in Ukraine and abroad , in which work more than 15 scientific schools , doctorate , postgraduate study, scientists of the Council for doctoral and master's theses.

According to ratings of Science of Ukraine the University is among of the top ten classical universities of Ukraine. 


Faculty of Economics and Management

- Economics

- Economics of Enterprise and Business

- Department of Management

- Department of Accounting and Auditing

- Department of automated systems and modeling in economics

- Department of Economics and Management industry

- Department of Human Resources and Labor Economics

- Department of Marketing

- Department of Finance and Banking

Humanitarian and Pedagogical Faculty

- Department of Practical Psychology and Pedagogic

- Department of Social Psychology and Social Pedagogic

- Theory and methods of vocational training

- Department of Environment

- Chair of Ukrainian Studies

Faculty of Engineering Mechanics

- Department of technology of machine building

- Department of Engineering Mechanics

- Department of Labour Protection and Life Safety

- Department of resistance and reliability of machines

- Department of technology of Mechanical Engineering

- Department of machines and devices

Faculty of Programming and computer and telecommunication systems

- Department of Physics and Electricians

- Department of radio- electronic devices and telecommunications

- Department of Computer Systems and Networks

- Department of System Programming

- Department of Radio Engineering and Communication

- Department of Software Engineering

- Department of Information technology design

- Department of Applied Mathematics and Social Informatics

- Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications

Faculty of Technology and Design

- Department of Chemical Technology

- Department of Chemistry

- Department of technologies and design of garment production

- Department of technologies and design of leather production

- Department of Design

Faculty of International Relations

- Department of International Information

- Department of International Economic Relations

- Department of Translation and Interpretation

- Department of History and Country Studies

- Department practice a foreign language and teaching methods

- Department of Foreign Phylology

- Department of Foreign Languages

Faculty of distance learning post-graduate education and pre-university preparation

- Dean's office of second higher education

- The Department of Pre-University and post-graduate economics education

- Department of Philosophy , Political Science and Law. Section of law

- Department of Philosophy , Political Science and Law. Section of Philosophy and Political Science

- Department of Physical Education

- Preparatory Department

Science laboratories

- Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry.

- Laboratory of composite materials and lubricants

- Laboratory of Strength of structurally difficult engineering systems

- Nanotechnology Laboratory of strengthening materials

- Laboratory of saving technologies

- Laboratory for Biomedical Research

- Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Today, the geography of international relations of Khmelnytsky National University covers countries such as Austria, Belarus, Spain, Kazakhstan , China, Lithuania , Germany, Poland , Russia, the USA and so on.

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics


City: Kharkov 

Established in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, telecommuting

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Number of students: 11000

Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics was founded as the Kharkov Institute of Mining Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering , then called the Kharkov Institute of Radio.  In 2012 KNURE won the first place in the official ranking of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport among the technical universities.

Material and technical base : 

Modern logistics equipment , 30 research centers and laboratories , a center of scientific and technical creativity of youth , students television center, local computer network, the Internet , e-library, reading room, dining room, cafe ,a sanatorium .

Intensively developing educational and laboratory facilities of the University. Created and successfully operates a local computer network , Internet, technology center of distance learning, the only Ukrainian laboratory of satellite television , laboratories of radio-electronic office equipment, technical and software information security, consumer electronics, microprocessor devices, bank technologies etc. Developed a typical version of corporate information and analytical system "university " , which ensures the highly computer support planning and monitoring of the basic processes of life of the institution .  University is one of the first educational institutions of Ukraine that began to develop and implement distance learning methods , and on its initiative was created the Ukrainian association of distance education for integration and coordination of action in this area, including the educational institutions of the CIS countries . 

High quality education is provided not only a modern material and technical base of university , the publication of new books, textbooks and monographs . High quality education and extensive international cooperation with foreign universities enable students and teachers to learn and train in the leading universities of the world .  KNURE created all the conditions for the development of harmonious personality of the student, such as a library, reading rooms , a cultural center with numerous national collectives of amateur performances , sports club , etc. KNURE conducted scientific work in education , the development of new teaching methods, which results are published in the University magazine " New Collegium " . 

Stable development of scientific schools and perspective scientific directions is carried out in conditions of active cooperation with foreign partners , namely, with the universities in the UK , Finland, France, Germany, the United States and other countries to integrate the University into the global system of higher education. The priority direction of ​​cooperation is considered participation of research teams at the University in fundamental and applied researches , which are financed by the European Union , in particular within INTAS and INCO -Copernicus programs. University students are actively involved in research work in the implementation of international projects. As a result , in the KNURE created a new single complex system of training specialists at educational levels "specialist", "master", which allows the university to enter into a network of technical universities of the European Union.  On the basis of scientific and technical developments of scientists the University created a modern medical and diagnostic offices which became a basis for effective work of sanatorium "the Impulse", calculated on 100 places. 


Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control 7200 UAH

Electronic Computers (EC)

Computer Design Automation (CDA)

Information Technologies Security (ITS),

Department of Philosophy

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management 7200 UAH

Applied Mathematics (AM)

Informatics (INF)

Economical Cybernetics and management of economic security (EC)

Higher Mathematics (HM)

Social Informatics (SI)

Faculty of Automatizaon and computerized technologies 7200 UAH

Department of design and operation of electronic devices (PEEA)

Department of Technology and Automation electronic means and electronic computing devices (Tapraya)

Department of Physics

Department of Safety

Faculty of Computer Science 7200 UAH

Department of Information Control Systems (ICS)

Department of Systems Engineering (PT)

Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics

Department of Software Engineering

Faculty of Telecommunications and Instrumentation 7200 UAH

Department of Telecommunication Systems (TKC)

Department of Communication Network (CN)

Department of Metrology and Measurement Equipment (MME)

Faculty of Electronic Engineering 6200 UAH

Department of microelectronics, electronic devices and Appliances (MEDA)

Department of Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering (PFEE)

Department of Biomedical Electronic Devices and Systems (BED)

Department of Physical Education

Faculty of Radio Engineering 7200UAH

Radio Electronics System

Radio Engineering Fundamentals

Radio Electronic Devices

Department of Foreign Languages

Faculty tor foreign citizens

Department of language training

Department of Natural Sciences

Department of Ukrainian Studies

Nowadays the University trains about 11000 students, among them more than 500 students from foreign countries. The university provides accommodation for all international students. Here are studying students from Pakistan, Uganda, Egypt, Algeria, India, China, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania. 

International students can study on below educational programs

Bachelor degree- Biomedical Engineering, Economical cybernetics, Computer Engineering, Information Security;  Master degree- Biomedical Engineering, Information Security, Computer Systems and Networks and Software Engineering, Economical Cybernetics. 

Faculty of Postgraduate Education (FPE)

Provides educational services on the full-time, part-time, distance learning and external studies in 13 specialties.  More than 20 years in one of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine at the faculty of foreign citizens carrying out training of students from foreign countries. Entered the Faculty of training foreign citizens you will become a highly skilled and sought-after expert in the field of modern computer technology; You will receive a bachelor's degree and a Master of European sample; You will be able to continue their education in graduate school not only our university , but any university of the world; You will be able to participate in the student 's festivals and competitions , sports tournaments and competitions , learn about the culture and the city of Kharkov Ukraine ; You will spend unforgettable years in Ukraine and make new friends . 

Awards and reputation

First place among the technical universities in Ukraine according to rankings compiled by MES of Youth and Sports.

In the rating of "Compass 2012" KNURE took the 8th place in the general rating, 9th place in section " Technical specialties ", 4th place in section " IT profession ."

The results of the rating " Compass 2012" in the Eastern region : the 7th place in general universities rating, the 6th place in the section " Technical specialties " and the 2nd place in the category " IT specialty " .

15th place among 200 universities in Ukraine and 2nd place in the East Region . University ranked 16th in the ranking of scientometric Scopus database of Ukrainian universities.

About city

Kharkiv - the largest city in eastern Ukraine, the administrative center of the Kharkiv region. The second city in Ukraine by its population. It was the largest center of tank construction, tractor construction, and turbine construction and the third largest industrial, scientific, and transportation center of the Soviet Union after the Moscow and Leningrad. From the second half of the XX century it is the main transport hub of Southeast Europe. The Kharkiv is the first capital of Ukraine.  Currently in Kharkov 69 universities train specialists of different ownership forms and levels of accreditation, which includes 17 universities and academies 9. 

Kharkiv has a rich cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial life.

Transport system of Kharkov is one of the best in Ukraine Kharkiv undergraund is 35 km long and has 28 stations. 

Kharkov Airport has been renovated and new connections are being launched almost every half a year.  The most popular landmark of Kharkiv is the Freedom Square (Ploshcha Svobody), the third largest city square in Europe, and it takes the 7th place when speaking about the world, also you can visit our new Gorky Park. We welcome you to study in Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University


City: Kharkiv

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, external

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

36 departments

Over 10000 students

760 international students from 31 countries

40 departments

Centre of Distance Learning

Center of pre-university preparation (preparatory department, preparatory courses)

Training Center for postgraduate education and upgrade qualification

12 training buildings.

7 dormitories.

9 gyms.

16 playgrounds.

Teaching staff: 62 doctors and professors, 229 associate professors (70% of the total number of teachers with academic degrees and titles), 12 academicians and corresponding members of the branch academies of sciences, 7 Honored workers of Science and Technology, honored workers of Education of Ukraine, 7 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.  The University also provides training in specific areas and externship. HNADU prepares specialists among the citizens of Ukraine and the countries of the near and far abroad. 



- Automobiles and automobile industry.

- Wheeled and tracked vehicles.

- Internal combustion engines.

- Vocational training. Metrology, standardization and certification in mechanical engineering.


- Highways and airports.

- Bridges and transport tunnels.

- Ecology and Environment.


- Hoisting, building, road and reclamation machines and equipment;

- Automatic control of technological processes;

- Metrology and measuring equipment.


- Electrical systems and complexes of transport vehicles;

- Flexible Computerized Systems and Robotics;

- Automation and automation of transport;

- Vocational training. Maintenance and repair of city and road transport.


- Management of the organizations;

- Economics of the enterprise;

- Accounting and Auditing;

- International Economics.


- The organization of transportations and management on the motor transport;

- Organization and traffic regulation;

- Transport systems.


Terms of training

Bachelor degree 4 years

Specialist or Master degree 5 years

Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University, invite you to get higher education in the such specialities: 


Automobile Roads and Aerodromes Engineering

Bridge and Transport Tunnel Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

Lifting-transport, Road, Building, Meliorative Machines & Equipment

International Economy:

International Economy

Transport Technologies :

Transportation Engineering and Transport Management

Transport Systems

Regulation and Traffic Management

Foreigners who have a secondary education certificate can enter the university without any exams. Our graduates get the Diploma of Bachelor degree and Master degree.

Getting Bachelor degree – 4 years, Master – 1 year.

Tuition is 2400 US dollars per year.

Material base:

43 specialized classes are equipped with 1200 personal computers with access to Internet. Established the satellite and cable television which is used in educational process. There is the modern publishing complex. The university has the unique range of road-building equipment, some unique laboratories, among which a laboratory of high-speed cars which known and recognized around the world as the design and sports achievements.  University has a unique educational and scientific laboratories, among them is laboratory of high-speed cars work; problem laboratories concerning development of environmentally friendly kriomobiles and airmobiles; regional laboratory of examination the motor transport. 

There are the administration and departments that ensure the functioning of the university; automobile faculty and faculty of transportation systems; distance learning center, center of improvement of professional skills and individual postgraduate education , classrooms, laboratories , and computer labs in the Main teaching and laboratory building.  Teaching and laboratory academic building of road construction department. includes the classrooms, laboratories, Regional Lyceum, Publishing house, fast cars laboratory, center of professional and pre-university preparation. Teaching and laboratory building of mechanic faculty and the School of Management and Business , polygon of car and road equipment . 

Scientific and Technical Library of the University includes in the top six university libraries of Ukraine. Today the library has a modern computer technology, WLAN, electronic databases , Internet, and visitors have access to electronic libraries of the world . Library Fund includes 480,401 books.

The University Campus has 7 dormitories. The campus where live more than three thousand students, has its own infrastructure providing worthy living conditions. Researches: The main direction of research is the improvement of active vehicle safety, development of effective methods of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and engines, creation of mobile computing systems for cars.

Ivano Frankovsk National University of Oil and Gas


City: Ivano-Frankovsk

Year established: 1967

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

Departments 14

The Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is the higher education institution that has IV level of accreditation and training specialists for oil, gas and energy industries.

Ivano- Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is the largest public institution, and it includes 13 faculties and more than 10,000 students (Mechanics and Technology, Mechanical, Engineering and Environmental ,Geological , gas and oil industry, management of economic development , faculty of tourist complexes, management and informatics, faculty of oil and gas pipelone, economy and business , electrification and information technology, pre-university tutorial, training of foreign citizens, distance learning ). Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas includes several specialized institutions, as well as research institutes.

The University also trains students from foreign countries, such as, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Vietnam, India, Iran, Jordan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Pakistan Turkmenistan and Africa.

University cooperates with many foreign delegations. Our University has a positive image on international scene.  The Ivano-Frankovsk National University of Oil and Gas cooperation with higher education institutions in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Argentina, Canada, India, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, France, and Russia. This fact ensures stable academic and teaching cooperation and often bring a positive results in joint conferences and researches. Students have the opportunity to go for practical training in Germany, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Egypt, and other countries. 

Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is a multifunctional training, research and production complex, the base of Carpathian regional organization of students and teachers. Here is carrying out a pre-university and post-graduate training, function physics and technology lyceum, college of electronic devices.  56 departments of the Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has a powerful scientific and pedagogical staff - almost 700 teachers , 75 of them are doctors and professors , more than 350 - PhD , associate professors , 14 winners of State Award of Ukraine. Teachers solve a number of important tasks. At first this is improvement of teaching and educational process and its direction to the level of state standards of training specialists of necessary qualification; introduction of multistage system of training of specialists; search of new forms and methods of training, different types of control knowledge of students, technologies of training; strengthening of educational and laboratory base; preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff of high qualification. The rating monitoring system of knowledge of students and modular training has considerable influence on improvement of quality of training specialists. 

One way of improving the quality of training of future specialists is introduction in Ivano -Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas information technologies. This work is carried out in the classroom and at the organization of independent activity of students.

Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has the Electrotechnical College of Physics and Technical High School (training of junior specialists ) . For control of knowledge university uses a rating system. Modular training, students competitions and conferences promotes improvement of quality of training specialists. Ivano-Frankovsk Oil and Gas University is a Member of IAESTE ( Association for the Exchange of Students ) , and students are members of AІESES (International Association of Economists ) .

Material and technical base

Ivano -Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has 12 academic buildings, 32 computer laboratories, technical Library ( more than 1.3 million books ), 7 dormitories , sports facilities , a ski lodge . Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas University has a Geological Museum and Museum of the University History. During the holidays, students can relax in the camp "Fakel ". Ivano- Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas provides international exchange of students.


Automatics and computer science - 9121 UAH

Electrification and information-measurement technologies

Economics and entrepreneurship – 9784 UAH

Faculty of oil-gas logistics

Faculty of management and informational activities – 7900 UAH

Faculty of management of industrial and regional economical development

Faculty of architecture of tourist complexes – 8772 UAH

Gas-oil industrial Faculty

Geological investigatory Faculty

Engineer-ecological Faculty

Mechanical Faculty


Engineering and Environmental Institute ( IEI ).

Institute for Fundamental and humanitarian training and correspondence , distance learning ( IFHPZDN ).

Institute of Continuing Education ( ICE ).

Institute of Economics and Management in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Research institutes

Research Institute of Petroleum Energy and Ecology ( NDINHEE ).

Scientific departments:

Preparatory Department.

Department of Military Training.

Preparation department for foreign nationals.

Also the University trains highly qualified specialists in postgraduate and doctoral courses.

Scientific publications

Exploration and development of oil and gas fields

Scientific Bulletin

Oil and Gas energy

Methods and instruments of quality control

Journal Of Hydrocarbon Power Engineering

For foreign students the University provides several stages of training.

The main areas of activity in our University are :

1.Training specialists for the oil and gas, geological , engineering , instrument, and other areas of the economy of Ukraine.

2.Fundamental and applied research , creation of new and improve existing technologies, equipment and management systems in the national economy .

3.Preparation of highly qualified specialists - doctors and candidates of sciences.

4.Integration of the University to the global educational and scientific space, training of engineers and scientists to foreign countries.

The preparatory faculty preparation is trains entrants for the accession to university. In Poltava, Krasnograd, Priluki, Akhtyrka, Drogobich, operates four-months training courses with assistance of NGDU of "Akhtyrkaneftegaz", Akhtyrsky UBR, NGDU of "Chernigovneftegaz", the Poltava UBR, etc. The university carries out training of specialists from India , Pakistan, Jordan , Mongolia, Poland , Bulgaria, Vietnam , Russia , Belarus, Moldova.  For the needs of oil and gas area advanced training courses constantly operate on faculty of postdegree education according to training programs: gas geology , geophysics and geo-ecology , drilling , development and exploitation of oil and gas fields , transport and storage of oil and gas operation , diagnosis and repair of oilfield and drilling equipment , computer integration technology; electricity ; technical maintenance and repair of oil and gas transport technology ; instrumentations . Conducted retraining of experts ( the second higher education ) in all basic specialties of university. 


Scientific work at the University aimed at improving the efficiency of oil and gas complex and the solution of strategically important task - improvement of providing a hydrocarbonic raw materials in Ukraine. It contains :

- Training of highly qualified specialists ( doctors and candidates of sciences) .

- carrying out basic and applied researches on oil and gas problems;

Research work carried out in two research institutes ( oil and gas technologies ; environmental safety and natural resources) , training, research and production center " Intehtsentr ," 13 research laboratories .

About city

Ivano- Frankovsk - eastern " gateway" of Carpathians - located in southwestern Ukraine at a distance of 150-300 km from the borders of Poland , Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

Ivano- Frankovsk is administrative, economic and cultural center of the Carpathian region .

The city area - 83.73 square kilometers. Population - 241.1 thousand people.

At the National Technical University of Oil and Gas acts Science and Technology Park , with mission is to promote the introduction of many modern energy-saving technologies , know-how into the city and region.  Ivano -Frankovsk was marked by a high level of cultural and tourist attraction, which is taken into account in evaluating the flow of tourists , the presence of attractions in the city and infrastructure . Also, Ivano-Frankovsk has shown good results in terms of "higher education ", which describes the opportunity for higher education , the number of universities III and IV level of accreditation.

Donetsk National Technical University


Donetsk National Technical University ( DNTU ) - one of the largest technical universities in Ukraine .

Founded in May 1921.

City: Donetsk

Established: 1921

Status: State

Level of accreditation: IV

Form of study: full-time, part-time, external

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master

28000 students

Teaching staff of all structural units of DNTU has 1990 teachers, including 1 academician and 3 members of the NAS of Ukraine, 50 academicians and corresponding members, 24 distinguished educators and 23 distinguished scientists of Ukraine, 3 Honoured inventors of Ukraine, 3 honored inventors of Ukraine, 172 doctors, 154 professors, 816 PhDs and 638 associate professors.

There are 1865 computer places of which 1622 are connected to the INTERNET. Created a developed corporate network, which combines more than 2,000 computers and more than 25 servers in academic buildings of Donetsk National Technical University.

Average price (bachelor) - (full-time / part-time) 8000 UAH / 4300 UAH

Average cost of education (specialist) - (full / part-time) 11460 UAH / UAH 7810

Average cost of tuition (master) - (full / part-time) 12 360 UAH / UAH 8500

For the Years of existence university prepared more than 110 thousand professionals. Among them, many politicians, Leaders of enterprises, famous scientists.

Material and technical base:

 33 educational, laboratory and scientific- production buildings ,

20 campuses,

 6 sports complexes, sports arena , swimming pool,

 5 canteens ,

 2 recreational complex.

The University consists of 6 institutes , 25 faculties , Magistracy of Public Administration , 5 colleges, preparatory department for foreign citizens , department of military training , library with more than 1.9 million books , German reading room, a modern sports complex .

In the summer 2001 the university received a status of the national. By this time the quantity of specialties and specializations exceeded 60. Total number of students on all forms of education exceeded 25 thousand. Now 1300 highly skilled teachers work at 88 departments, among them a number of winners of the State awards of Ukraine.

DNTU-Donetsk National Technical University is world-recognized institution of higher education , which actively participates in international scientific and technical cooperation with 75 well-known universities of the world and 7 foreign companies , it is a member of 8 leading international educational organizations, among them " Association of European Universities" ( Zheneva , Switzerland ) " International Centre of Engineering formation during UNESCO" ( Melburn , Australia ) , European society of engineering education.


Mining Faculty


Development of sourse of minerals

Protection of labour and Aerology

Construction of mines and the underground

Mineral processing

Manufacturing Management

History and Law

Mining geomechanics

Mining-and-geological Faculty


Geoinformatics and Geodesy



Natural resources and environmental geology

Technology and engineering exploration work

Physical and Metallurgical Faculty


Ore-heating processes and low-waste technologies

Steel metallurgy


Non- ferrous metallurgy and construction materials

Metal Forming

Engineering Thermophysics

Physical material engineering

Industrial heat-power engineering


Faculty of Environment and Chemical Engineering


Chemical technology of fuel

Applied Ecology and Environmental Protection

Environmental activities

General Chemistry

Physical and Organic Chemistry

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering


Mining machines

Mining Transport and Logistics

Electromechanical systems

Machines and equipment for chemical production

Mechanical equipment of ferrous metallurgy plants

Manufacturing Engineering

Mechatronic systems of engineering equipment

Strength of Materials

Bases of machines

Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics

Theoretical Mechanics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Power station

Electrical systems

Electricity supply of industry and cities

Electric drive and automation of industrial plants

Electromechanics and theoretical bases of electronics


Faculty of Computer Sciences and Technology


Computer Engineering

Computer Systems Monitoring

Applied Mathematics and Computer Informatics

Automated Control Systems

Computational Mathematics and Programming


Intelligent system software

Artificial intelligence systems

System of analysis and modeling

Faculty of Computer Information Technologies and Automation


Automation and Telecommunications

Mining Electrical technology and Automatics named after R.M.Leybov

Electronic engineering

Department of "Higher Mathematics" named after V.V.Pak

Faculty of Radiotechnics and specialized training


Radiotechnics and Information Protection

Life Safety and Civil Protection

Military Training

Faculty of Economics


Economics and Public Administration

Economy of enterprise

Economics and Marketing

Finance and Banking

Accounting and Auditing

Strategic management of economic development

International education and business communications

Faculty of Management


Management and economic law

International economic activity of enterprises

Personell Management and Labour Economics

Quality Control

Sociology and Political Science

Economic Cybernetics

French Engineering Faculty


English language

French language

Ukrainian and Russian language

Physical Education and Sport

German Technical Faculty


Systems of program control and mechatronics

German language

Technical Foreign Language

Faculty retraining

Faculty of training foreign students

Correspondence School

Term of study:

Bachelor - 8 semesters;

Specialist - 10 semesters;

Master - 11semesters.

Students who have already got higher education of Bachelor level is :

Specialist level - 2 semesters;

Master level- 3semesters.


Donetsk is the city in the east of Ukraine, an administrative center of Donetsk region. It is the fifth city of Ukraine by its population - 1,131,700 citizens.

Having the status of the regional center of Ukraine, Donetsk plays an important role in the political and socio-economic life of our country. History of the city is an integral part of the history of our country.

Total area of Donetsk is 385 km ².

There are 4 rivers in the city: Kalmius, Bakhmutka, Asmolovka, Cherepashkin. 

The total length of the streets is 2500 km. Number of streets, boulevards, avenues - 2200. Main Street – Artem Street. Number of squares - 21. Main Square – Lenin Square. 

Donetsk is a large sports center, has a highly developed sports infrastructure. Citizens of the Donetsk are the leaders in sports such as football, hockey, boxing, basketball, athletics, tennis. There are 254 monuments of cultural heritage. The city has 11 cinemas, 53 Clubs and the Palace of Culture, 140 museums and museum rooms, 368 a librarys with more than 15,522,662 books. Donetsk is a very green city, There are a lot of beautiful parks, boulevards. The botanical garden opens all the year. Donetsk Scherbakov Park considered as the best park in Ukraine. There are a large number of monuments, sculptures and fountains. 

Now Donetsk is a large industrial, administrative, cultural, educational and training center, which population exceeded one million. It is a city with a developed transport infrastructure, a wide network of different supermarkets and great destinations.  Thanks to scientific developments university employees received 4,700 patents for inventions among them 690 inventions of students , 110 patents abroad and sold 12 licenses to foreign firms. Also received 500 patents of Ukraine for inventions , 100 patents for utility model certificate 3 trademark . 600 inventions are introduced in the economy. In 2008 Donetsk National Technical University signed the contract about selling a license for the technology of process of electroslag receiving pure metals and alloys with the set structure and properties with the company Engler Enterprises Ltd ( China). 

We welcome you to study in Donetsk National Technical University.

Admiral Makarov University of Shipbuilding


Admiral Makarov University of Shipbuilding (NUS)

City: Nikolaev

Established in 1920

Status: State

Accreditation level: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, telecommuting

Qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and also scientists – candidates (PhD) and doctors of sciences.

More than 12000 students

7 Departments

More than 300 teaching staff, among them 68 doctors of sciences, professors, 256 candidates of science

The university has formed and successfully operates infrastructure of planning and research, which is based on : scientific -and - expert University senat, scientifically - technical council on the directions of researches , 15 academic schools , in particular, "Investigation of seaworthiness and designing of new types of ships ," " Preparation and combustion of fuels "," Soldering and welding pressure in a vacuum "," Air conditioning and refrigeration , "" perspective energy technologies ","gas - thermal coatings . 7 laboratories and 6 research and development centers are known in Ukraine and abroad , including centers of metrological certification of polymetric systems , underwater technology , energy and environmental security . The University has 5 academic buildings, including a restored campus in the green zone of the peninsula between the rivers Inhul and Southern Bug , two fitness center , two dormitories and two houses with all the conditions for learning, doing exercises, raise the cultural level , scientific and intellectual development , recreation and personal hobbies. 


The shipbuilding Institute

The Ship Structural Mechanics Department

The Fluid Mechanics Department

The Hull Construction Department

The Maritime Technologies Department

The Ship Theory and Design

The Shipbuilding Technology Department

The Institute of computer, engineering and technological sciences

The Technological Faculty

The Welding Engineering Department

The Department of Design and Production of Products made of Composite Materials

The Materials Science and Technology Department

The Faculty of Computer Science

The Department of Software for Automation System

The Project Management Department

The Information Management Systems and Technologies


The Power Engineering Faculty

The Conditioning and Refrigerating Department

The Marine and Stationary Power Plants Department

The Technical Thermal Physics and Steam-Generating Units Department

The Turbine Department

The Mechanics and Ecology Faculty

The Internal Combustion Engines Department

The Ecology Department

The Marine Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

The Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering Department


The Computer-aided Control Systems Department

The Ship Electrical Equipment and Information Security Department

The Electrical Power Systems Department

The Automatic Control Engineering Department

The Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Electronic Systems Department

The Impulse Processes and Technologies Department

The Marine Instrument Engineering Department


The Department of Theory and History of the State and Law

The Law Department

The Applied Linguistics Department

The Department of Social Studies and Humanities

The Modern Languages Department

The Design Department

The Olympic and Professional Sports Theory Department

The Physical Training and Sport Department


The Faculty of Mobile Technologies

The Theoretical Mechanics Department

The Engineering Graphics Department

The Life Safety and Civil Defense Department

The Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Higher Mathematics Department

The Physics Department

The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies


The Engineering and Economic Faculty

The Preparatory Faculty


Kyiv Educational and Consulting Centre

Tockmak Educational and Consulting Centre

Yuzhnoukrainsk Distant Learning Centre

Pervomaisk Polytechnic Institute

Feodosia Polytechnic Institute

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies

Teaching and research center for international cooperation

Foreign students at the NUS

International cooperation of the National University of Shipbuilding focused on the integration of the University in the global educational activities for the purpose of expansion of international relations and initiation of joint research, teaching and educational projects , and it is one of the strategic priorities of the University in the XXI century .

For the purpose of effective implementation of the international cooperation in scientific and technical, educational and cultural spheres it is created the Educational Scientific Center of the International Cooperation (ESCIC) at the National university of shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov.

The university supports long-term effective cooperation with universities, research establishments and the industrial enterprises in the United States, Great Britain , Germany, Norway , China, Poland , Romania, Turkey , Bulgaria, Iran, Spain , Vietnam, and the CIS countries. The important direction of the international activity of National university of shipbuilding is participation of teachers, employees, graduate students and students of university in competitions for receiving grants or grants of the international organizations and funds, such, as the German Service of the Academic Exchanges (DAAD), Alexander von Humboldt's Fund (Germany), the Program of the academic exchanges named after Fulbrayt, Council for the international researches and exchanges of IREX (USA), "Education for Democracy" Fund(Poland), etc.

The National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov trained citizens of the United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany , China , the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , Iran, Pakistan , Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon , Libya, India, Saudi Arabia , Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon , Guinea, Kenya and CIS countries - Russia , Belarus, Turkmenistan, Georgia , Kazakhstan, Moldova . In our university created all the conditions not only for training but also for meaningful leisure time , the development of natural talents and abilities of foreign students . On the territory of all the university buildings operates Wi-Fi and specialized computer classes . The number of foreign citizens wishing to study in our university , is constantly increasing from year to year.

The institute of international cooperation includes:

Preparation Faculty for foreign students:

The preparatory Department was created in 1991 due to the significant increase in the number of foreign students.

Faculty includes preparatory courses, courses in different subjects and duration of training and specialized courses and schools in different parts of Mykolaiv region.

Courses is provided by high quality teachers , including 5 Honoured Teachers of Ukraine and 19 teachers of the highest category ,additionally attracted leading specialists of the University - Professors, Associate Professors, PhD.

On the preparatory faculty foreign citizens study the Russian or Ukrainian language in the first semester, and disciplines which necessary for the receipt on the first course of the university in the second semester. Department of Scientific and Technical Cooperation is engaged in providing collaboration among university with international scientific, technical and educational organizations, supports international projects, researches, exchange of scientists and specialists.Newsroom engaged in the organizational support of the educational process of the reception of foreign delegations and individual citizens, provides information support of the measures that relate to international activities.

Structure of the University


Shipbuilding institute

Institute of computer, engineering and technological sciences

Machine-building institute

Automatic equipment and electrical equipment institute

Humanitarian institute

Institute of the correspondence and remote education

Pervomaysk polytechnical institute

Feodosiysk polytechnical institute

Institute of postgraduate education

Institute of ship engineering

Shipbuilding institute

A shipbuilding institute trains specialists not only for shipbuilding, but also for allied branches of industry.

Specialties of preparation faculty:

Ships and oceantechniques

Marine technologies and oceantechniques

Yachting and small ships.

Computer-controlled planning of marine transport.

Technology of shipbuilding, organization and operations management.

International information in marine activities.

Institute of computers and engineer-technological sciences

This department trains highly qualified specialists in sphere of computers technologies for different industries, financial and administrative areas of scientific researches and education.



Engineering material science

Computers sciences

Automated systems software

Specific categories: Projects management.

Machinebuilding institute

The institute trains specialists of planning, production and exploitation of ship equipment.



· Ships power plants.

· Turbines.

· Heat-and-power engineering .

· Refrigeration machines and options.

Machinery :

· Combustion engines.

· Technology of Machinery.


· Ecology and environment protection.

Institute of automation and electrical engineering


Electrical engineering: 

· Technique and electrophysics of high tensions


Electronic systems

Electronic mechanics:

· Electric systems and complexes of transports vehicles

· Electronic mechanics systems of automation and electric drives

Humanitarian institute


Law: Jurisprudence

Philology: Applied linguistics

Art Design

Physical education and sport: Olympic and professional sport

Engineering and economical faculty

On engineering and economical faculty our students study a fundamental courses: economic theory, marketing , microeconomics and macroeconomics, equities, financing, exchange activity informative systems and technologies, and other market sciences.


Economy and enterprise:

· Economy of enterprise

· Accounting and audit

· Financial Management:

· Management of organizations

For studying in the university foreign students have to graduate preparatory department. Teaching on the preparatory department is carrying out for 10 months. In the end of the course foreign citizens pass an exam and on its results get the certificate with a right to enter any University of Ukraine.

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