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Ukraine contact number : +380937116735, +380995261243

India contact number : +91-9451880415, +91-9625284132

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Summer Courses Program

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Summer Courses Program

Summer courses and Culture program consists of three sessions A, B & C for 3-weeks each, two sessions D & E for 6-weeks each and one session F for 9-weeks. Students can enrol for any of the semesters with the minimum course length of 3 weeks and a maximum course length of 9 weeks. The curriculum is built up in the way that each new level starts with the revision of previously studied grammar constructions and speech patterns. This helps our newcomers get involved in the learning process totally painlessly.

We offer two summer courses are: Standard Course and Intensive Course.

Our standard one-session course runs over 60 morning lessons in groups with a maximum of 10 participants, 15 lessons of one-to-one afternoon tutoring and 10 hours of evening activities. An intensive course includes 60 morning lessons in groups, 30 lessons of one-to-one afternoon tutoring and 18 hours of evening activities per session. Every day the students of our School have tutoring with the native speakers who also accompany them during their evening activities and excursions. This helps create a full-time Ukrainian immersion program for the language-learners.

Groups are formed according to an assessment test, which is compulsory for everyone, including beginners. After the first week of the program, if a student feels that he/she is in the wrong group, on discussing the problem with the teacher of the group together with the Director of Studies, he/she may be suggested a group of a different level.

During the course students are provided with all the textbooks and copies, necessary for the most efficient work on the language.

To advance our students’ knowledge of Ukraine and its society the lectures of the course are also aimed at informing the foreigners about modern political, cultural and social life of the country. Therefore, the groups of Elementary + levels are taught by two teachers, where one focuses on grammar and speech patterns and the other delivers lectures on Ukrainian mentality and traditions, politics and economy of the country, cultural and historical subjects.


Participants must have a valid passport. Applicants will be provided with information concerning passports and/or visas, and immunizations, but obtaining them is the responsibility of the applicant.


We advise each applicant to have a physical checkups before registering for the program. UKRAINEDUCATION cannot be responsible for illnesses that may occur while travelling.


We do not arrange travel or insurance. We have found that most student prefer to make their own travel and insurance arrangements.

STANDARDS: High standards of honor, integrity and morality, as well as graciousness in personal behaviour with Ukrainian hosts, are expected.


1) Please complete the OUR APPLICATION FORM HERE and send it to us by email ( our mail)

2) Attach your formal photo (passport size)

3) Wait for the official acceptance from us (within 3-5 days; we may ask you for some extra documentation)

4) Pay the Registration fee (within 10 working days from the application acceptance).


Undergraduate students of all majors (studying for BA degree) interested to study in Ukraine, in summer time.

Postgraduate students of all majors (studying for Master’s degree) interested to study in Ukraine, college students, non-students, and seniors

over the age of 17 – no older then 60.

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