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Ukraine contact number : +380937116735, +380995261243

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Ukraine Study Visa Requirement

Ukraine study visa requirement : Study in Ukraine visa process

International passport with a validity of minimum 1 YEAR

Age must be 17 years or more.

Basic knowledge of english,as you will be asked few questions in visa interview.

 Original Invitation letter from minsitry of educaion and science,ukraine.

Higher Secondary School certificate/diploma for bachelor degree.

 Bachelor Degree (For Master Level students).

Masters Degree (For PhD Level students).

Transcripts (For Masters and PhD students).

Birth Certificate and Medical Certificate,Aids(HIV) test.

Medical Certificate physical and mental fitness.

All certificates must be stampped from ministry of external affairs of your home country.

Bank statement of $3000 minimum.

Work experience or any diploma certificate if you have gaps between your study.

8 Passport size Photos.

Filled ukraine study visa application form

With the following mentioned documents student who want to study in ukraine can go to the embassy or can send his/her representative to the embassy to take the visa interview date.

Once you you get a fix date for the ukraine study visa interview you must presend yourself in the embassy on that date.You must be well dressed and feel coonfident infront of consular,while talking with the consular you must have simple smile on your face,if you dont understand any question ask him to repeat it,if you dont know the answer tell him you dont know,let him ask another question.

Once you done with the interview,the consular will give you a visa slip with a date to receive ukraine study visa on it. Once you get visa slip you must deposit embassy visa fees mentioned on the ukraine study visa sleep.

You also must buy travel insurance of atlleast 1 month duration before you get the ukraine study visa.You can go yourself on the mentioned date to receive your ukraine student visa or can send your agent/representative to receive the visa.Visa can be delayed some time becuase of thedelay in visa confirmation from the concerned authorities.

The full process of ukraine study visa can take from 2 weeks to 1 month time depending on the rush for ukraine stduent visa inside the embassy.Sometimes due to huge ukraine student visa applications inside the embassy it takes some longer time,but once you finish with visa interview visa is almost sure.

For certain countries where ukraine embassy is not present visa interview is not necessary sometimes and student can send visa documents with their representative to receive ukraine stduent visa from the nearest ukraine embassy,provided all their above mentioned documents must be complete for ukraine study visa.

Embassies of Ukraine

Visit our Ukraine Embassy or Consulate web site directory to locate the Ukraine Embassy or Consulate, where you will apply and be interviewed for your Ukraine visa. You will need to follow the instructions provided for the particular type of visa you are seeking.

Visa applicants who have an upcoming interview appointment at a Ukraine embassy or consulate that has been closed (or concern about possible closure), should check the Ukraine embassy or Consulate website for updates.

Review Countries with Limited or No Ukraine Visa Services for a list of embassies and consulates where visa services are currently limited or suspended. Also review the list of countries that do not have embassies or consulates. ...Click Here this Link

Documents Required

The aspirants they should immediately contact to nearest Ukraine Embassy or Consulate and apply to Ukraine embassy with the following documents. Which are mentioned as below :

  • Original Invitation letter
  • Original international passport (valid for one year)
  • Higher Secondary School certificate (For 1st year Bachelor Level students)(translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Bachelor Degree (For Master Level students)(translated into Ukrainian language
  • Masters Degree (For PhD Level students)(translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Transcripts (For Masters and PhD students)
  • Birth Certificate (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing physical and mental fitness (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Ukraine . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • 8 Passport size Photos

Quetions in Visa Interview

To study and enrol as a student in a reputed university of Ukraine, the students must know and understand how to face Ukrainian embassy councellor.

You must know!

Let’s read through some frequently asked questions that you must know while facing the ukraine embassy

1) What do you want to study?

2) What school do you want to study? (you must check your invitation letter and see)

3) What city is your university located? ( you must ask or check your invitation letter)

4) What is the name of your admission or your consultant in Ukraine? (Ukraine education or check at the back of your admission letter)

5) What is your course duration in Ukraine (you must know this)

6) what are going to Ukraine to study or work (you want to study)

7) When you finish your study in Ukraine are you going back home or stay in Ukraine (am going back home)

8) When you finish your courses in Ukraine are you going to further your study (if BSC. yes to study master----(if master yes to study PHD) if PHD. No you are going back home (if language course yes)

9) Are you going to Ukraine with your full school fees and hostel fees (you must answer yes).

10) All your documents that you are taking to Ukraine are they originals. (you must answer this)

With all this detail you have 100% visa assurance as Ukraine education student.


All what you need to understand and to bring to Ukraine while arriving.

1) Make sure you come with your full school fees

2) Make sure your hostel fees is full

3) Make sure you come with your pocket fees

4) Make sure you bring along at least cloth and shoes that you will wear pending the time to arrive in Ukraine and buy new one , in case of cold period .

5) Make sure you come with food stuffs that that you can eat for the mail time to adapt to Ukrainian food.


A) all your documents must be with you when you are coming don’t leave any behind

B) In your home country immigration make sure you did not forget any documents at your home country air-port during immigration checking .

C) Make sure your ticket is full year (one year)

D) Make sure you call (Ukraine education)authority to inform when you will arrive to Ukraine so that our co-ordinator will welcome you at the air-port to avoid deportation.

E) Ukraine education consultancy fees must be with you.

Contact us for more information.

We will wish you good and safe journey to Ukraine.

Documentation Translation

It is our pleasure to announce that Consultants is offering a new service: Translation of required documents if so by Ukraine Embassies the translated documents are posted along with original invitation letter to save the funds on courier services.

One page with legalization from Notary Public: (fill in the amount)$US.

Translation fee is to be paid upfront in full.

Always confirm documents subject to translation from Ukraine embassy in your country.

Kindly forward good quality color scans of documents to following email address.

Other Important info


Dear Aspirants!

We request you to arrive at your destined airports destination. From here onwards, our representative would greet you and guide you to clear all the formalities from immigration clearance to safely transporting you to your place. To avoid any security risk and safety purpose etc. you can ask our representative to show his identity card before moving forward.

It’s our duty to inform with certain formalities firstly it’s mandatory to pre-inform the Ukrainian territory else it gets tough to enter the country.

Secondly we request you to scan your tickets at least a week or so prior any advent, as it would be easy for us to complete with rest of the formalities such as arrival arrangement and informing the airport authorities which includes your flight details. We are pleased to inform you that there are airports lines such as Turkish Airline, Lufthansa, KLM, Austrian Airline, Aeroflot, Air France and many other Airlines which are accessing these airports several times a day. If you have any query or doubts; feel free to contact us for a detailed response. We wish you a very pleasant and safe flight to Ukraine. With us, your bright future is ensured! 

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